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So this past week was a lot tamer than the last. I ran into a student who was walking around with his father when grocery shopping. I saw him later in the Student Lounge and he told me that his father was all “ooooh who was that?” and that he didn’t believe him when he said I was his math teacher because apparently I still look like I’m 12…

Same student, almost kicked him in the head because he went to zip up my boots, without telling me, and instinctively I kicked out my leg and turned around, just in time to draw my leg back when I saw who it was (he’s a good kid, always helping out and stuff)

Umm…what else happened this week? OH! Mr. Condom from last week was much better behaved this week. He has a teacher who follows him constantly now from one class to another. This teacher told him to go wash his mouth out with soap when he had quite the potty mouth in my class – in both Swedish and English…and of course, being him, he went and got soap and licked his hand… o_0. Thankfully, that’s on his head, not mine =P I took the kid out (he verbally protested the whole way, while walking to the door and sat down on the bench, like I asked) and we had a talk about his family and stuff. He comes from a crazy family situation right now, family is in the middle of breaking up – again. So I guess, it’s just a broken family becoming even more broken than before, which is really sad, and he’s not dealing with it too well – obviously. Neither is his older sister.

We also had talent show – that was ok. Some great things, some terrible things…meh.

I got my doctor’s appointment booked – our awesome secretary booked it for me. She was helping me, and decided to be entirely unimpressed with the people who I was with and went and found me a private doctor. She made the call, and gave them a list of my symptoms (which there are many, and she called me superwoman for being alive and coming to work) and now I have an appointment in December =) yay.

AND! I had a talk with the principal this past week about professional development stuff, and she gave me everything I asked for, which is kinda cool =) yay!

…and I think that’s it for last week..OH!

SO this was the conversation I had with a class…

– Miss…you’re Canadian…

– yes.

– and Mr. ….. is Canadian…. (Mr …. is a science teacher)

– yes.

– and he’s a nerd

– …ok

– and you’re a nerd

– thanks?

– so you should date!

– …riiiiiight.