First. I suck at keeping this updated, sorry. =(

This time though, it was because the last year was such a train wreck, I don’t think I could have posted anything remotely nice about the school, with the exception of a few coworkers, and of course hilarious students. It was so terrible, I went on stress leave once, and had to threaten the principal with a second one…she claimed she was unaware of what was going on, despite being included in emails, every day, for a month, from more people than just me, asking for support. Which is ironic, since initially I thought the year would be so stress-free.

SO! I decided to leave the school, and was planning on returning to Canada for a delightful year of whatever-job-I-could-find and wedding planning. Only, I was highly encouraged to apply for a Head of Department position at a new school opening up. So I did.

I got it. It took a while, since I had a few unfortunate demands (seriously, I would’t have hired me, I wanted to start late, due to family commitments, and end early, due to wedding planning, and the date already being set) which really, who would want THAT in a head of department, at a brand new school. Thankfully, there was no one else =P MUAHAHAHAHA so MONTHS after I had initially been rejected, and asked to please apply again next year, I got the job =)

SO! I worked all of July, since I couldn’t work August, to prepare for the upcoming year, and now, finally I am back.

I begin, with students, on Monday =) I’m quite excited.