The First Month or So…

So I love this school so far.

The kids are awesome, and it’s cool to hear where they come from and their stories. The area I’m in has a high immigrant population – and when they say “immigrant” in Sweden, they mean low-income, refugees, or “arab” (and if you were wondering “arab” is a broad term in Sweden that does not always mean “arab”).

We were talking about what the difference is between refugees and immigrants, and some kids said that they were refugees, I have students who have fled civil wars and stuff, and they represent a much higher population than they have at the previous 2 schools I was at. It’s interesting.

The school, for a lot of them, is their only safe place, as their living conditions are not ideal, and students from our school are bullied and targeted by others in the community. We now have to have escorts to and from the bus station, and teachers stationed along the way to the school. I believe we’re trying to get the police and security for the subway and the mall the students pass by involved as well. But I’m not quite sure how everything will turn out since this seems to be a fairly recent problem.

However, the school itself is amazing. The students seem to be very happy that they are there, and the focus is on rewarding the positive, which works amazingly well with the student population that we have. They’re not used to hearing good things about themselves, so a lot of them are super needy for praise.

But the best part is the food =P We have amazing breakfast and lunch at the school, and afterschool snacks as well, if we’re around for them.

But! I am looking forward to the week off in a bit. I have a lot of filing and stuff I need to get done, and it will be nice to have the time to do so. And it will be nice to not have to wake up at 4:30 to catch the train in.

The First Week and a Half

So I’ve been in the school for a week and a half, and it’s been great. The kids are wonderful, my coworkers are wonderful, my department is wonderful, and everyone told me how amazing my department was with me gone =) Which is good to hear that they’re all competent and amazing teachers =)

What is not so great is waking up at 4:30 every morning to catch a 5:15 train to Stockholm. But, hopefully my classes will settle down soon enough, and I will be able to start looking for a place in Stockholm =) That would be nice.

The school is very different from my last school, and its great. The kids and the teachers all have very clear routines, so there aren’t many misunderstandings or blame-games being played among either the kids or the staff – at least not so far, everything starts off well =P I hope it continues though =)

Being Head of Department isn’t as hard as I thought it would be – yet. I’m sure it will get more challenging later, but for now, the most annoying thing is chasing down our stuff! We ordered a lot of stuff, and we haven’t gotten it yet, or other departments have taken it because no one knew it was ours at the time…which is kinda poopy, but oh wells, we won’t die because of it =)

A New Year

First. I suck at keeping this updated, sorry. =(

This time though, it was because the last year was such a train wreck, I don’t think I could have posted anything remotely nice about the school, with the exception of a few coworkers, and of course hilarious students. It was so terrible, I went on stress leave once, and had to threaten the principal with a second one…she claimed she was unaware of what was going on, despite being included in emails, every day, for a month, from more people than just me, asking for support. Which is ironic, since initially I thought the year would be so stress-free.

SO! I decided to leave the school, and was planning on returning to Canada for a delightful year of whatever-job-I-could-find and wedding planning. Only, I was highly encouraged to apply for a Head of Department position at a new school opening up. So I did.

I got it. It took a while, since I had a few unfortunate demands (seriously, I would’t have hired me, I wanted to start late, due to family commitments, and end early, due to wedding planning, and the date already being set) which really, who would want THAT in a head of department, at a brand new school. Thankfully, there was no one else =P MUAHAHAHAHA so MONTHS after I had initially been rejected, and asked to please apply again next year, I got the job =)

SO! I worked all of July, since I couldn’t work August, to prepare for the upcoming year, and now, finally I am back.

I begin, with students, on Monday =) I’m quite excited.

School =)


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So I’ve been working at a new school in Stockholm, and it’s great. It’s not perfect, but it is so much less stressful than my old school, which is amazing. Everyone else is super stressed though, and my co mentor already got complaints =( So now I have to take two of her students, as their parents were really unimpressed and had a few words with the principal. 

It’s been pretty nice being less stressed. Granted, this is also because it is fairly unorganized, but it is nice not being crazily stressed about administrative work. 

And everyone at work seems really nice, and there’s a crazy culture of drinking at my last school. Which is nice =) 

I also started working towards my Masters. That’s been interesting. I’m stuck on my first assignment =P I’ve been really tired after work, and so I started today, did the first two portions, and then I was reading, and I had no idea what I was reading =P So I just stopped. It’s not due until Sunday anyways, so I have lots of time =D

The Last Semester


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So I suck…

I haven’t updated in forever. Sorry. 

Quick Update about…well life I guess. 

1. I got diagnosed with Ehler Danlos Syndrome which explains a lot of the health issues I had been having at the end of the first semester.

2. I have a boyfriend, but I think everyone who reads this knows that…

3. I moved to Stockholm  – I also think everyone knows that…

4. I’m taking a summer course, it’s awesome, I forgot how much I missed school, and am slowly realizing how much of a nerd I am. 

5. I got into my Masters program…and not so many people know that =P

I think that’s it. 

I will do better, and start blogging more =) Hopefully. I will try. =)

Week 48


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Last week was interesting.

Monday, I had a fever at lunch, and despite taking medication, it wouldn’t break. So after teaching my classes, I went home and stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday, which sucked. (And I’m sick again =( I really don’t like this…)

When I got back, I was told by a teacher that she decided to teach whatever she wanted instead of what I had planed meaning that my class was now a week behind, and she kinda screwed them over considering they had a quiz the next day. Continue reading

Week 47


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So this past week was a lot tamer than the last. I ran into a student who was walking around with his father when grocery shopping. I saw him later in the Student Lounge and he told me that his father was all “ooooh who was that?” and that he didn’t believe him when he said I was his math teacher because apparently I still look like I’m 12… Continue reading

Week 46 – A very fun-filled week…


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So this past week has been very interesting.

Monday, my class was in Stockholm on a field trip, so I had a bit more free time, which was nice. However, while working in the math office, I got called into one of the adjoining classrooms where an English lesson was taking place – apparently there was a beeping noise going on, that the teacher was trying to track down. I knew something was up, because a kid commented “oh well maybe it was the fire alarm” when the teacher was explaining what happened to me…Speaking to the students later during lunch, they told me that they *hate* the English teacher, and so had decided to play a rather devious prank on him. Continue reading

Week 44 – 45


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SO week 44 was a break, so that was nice =) I ended up going in for 2 days to mark things, and get some other stuff done =P 

I also went to a nurse for my dizziness, headaches, pains everywhere…and she was appalled at all the problems I was having and said I needed to see a doctor (which I thought I was going to see, but apparently you see a nurse first here) and so she put me in another line to go see a doctor. SO I’m waiting for that…

Week 45 was just super long, and I was so drained. I had to go home sick on Tuesday because I almost fainted in class, kept losing my balance and everything, it was a bit of a problem. And on Thursday I had a slight fever in class, but I just kept going, and it went away later that evening, although I did have to miss my SFI class, which kinda sucked. 

I taught the grade 7s fractions, Continue reading