I’ve just started my second year teaching in Sweden in a bilingual school. I teach math, and was hired straight out of university. It’s been a fun adventure, and I am sure this year will be full of even more fun, chaos, frustration and stress – but it will all be worth it =)

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  1. Harley Bowcutt said:


    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I’ve been reading your blog and I’m really curious…are you Swedish as your English is perfect? I only ask as I am very keen to teach in a bilingual Swedish school after I graduate in 11 weeks and just wanted to know how easy or not so it might be for an English teacher to find work in a Swedish school? I lived, studied and taught for 6 months in Jönköping last year so I have a good understanding of the language and wonderful culture 🙂 Don’t feel you have to reply as I’m sure you’re very busy, I’m just very curious! Thank you so much x

    • hejhej!
      I am Canadian, not Swedish, and was recruited out of university.

      Are you living in Sweden now, or are you studying elsewhere ?

      • Harley Bowcutt said:

        Ah okay 🙂 Sadly no, I’m back in the UK now but would really like to move back to Sweden to teach in a few years time! Have you come across many other non-Swedish teachers there or is it mainly Swedish teachers? x

      • Hey
        About half of our school are international teachers =)

        There are two main companies that I know recruit in the UK – the British School and the Internationella Engelska Skolan. I’m not sure where they go to recruit in the UK though, but maybe that will help =P

        You can also look into IB schools into the specific city that you want to go to, if you can teach IB =)

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