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Last week was interesting.

Monday, I had a fever at lunch, and despite taking medication, it wouldn’t break. So after teaching my classes, I went home and stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday, which sucked. (And I’m sick again =( I really don’t like this…)

When I got back, I was told by a teacher that she decided to teach whatever she wanted instead of what I had planed meaning that my class was now a week behind, and she kinda screwed them over considering they had a quiz the next day. AND! She confused them beyond belief, since I when I asked them what they had done and what they had learned, all I was told was: “she talked about shopping, sheep, horses and percents” so hearing they did something with percents I said “great, what did you learn about percents?”  “oh! So if you have like…500 kr, and you get 20% off, then you save 300 kr” I just looked at them and said “umm, no you save 60%…” and the kid goes “wait what? Oh…well then I don’t know…”


And then! the lady just goes “well it’s my class (she means her mentor class) and I used to teach math, so you’re lucky that I did your class because they all understood what I taught them” o_0

Yeah, I just talked to my HOD who was kind enough to say that he would whisper a few words in the boss’ ear…that and I’m pretty sure the secretary who was taking care of all the cover stuff was quite unimpressed considering she had to print out all these worksheets and stuff for me for her, and she didn’t even hand them out…

BUT! at least that means that today’s lesson plan was easy, since they wrote a quiz the last lesson of last week, which means since they didn’t do what they were supposed to last week, they have to do it this week.

Yeah, I threw up this morning just as I was about to leave the house, so I couldn’t go in to work this morning =( Which sucks.