week 37


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So first of all, I’m really liking this weeks thing. It’s awesome to count things by week, and it actually makes life a lot easier…but anyways.

Monday, was Picture day, which we already discussed. It was a disaster and a half, and my co-mentor is a little stressball who has confessed to having never had a classroom management class in her life…how you get a masters in education and never sat through at least one lecture on classroom management, I have no idea. It makes you realize why Canadian teachers are in such high demand – which is weird because I didn’t think our education was that spectacular, just that it met all the necessary needs.

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week 36


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Well it was interesting.

Grade 7s wrote their diagnostics, and let’s just say it’s very clear to see how we did the worst in the organization for Gr. 6 National Tests last year. I’m very thankful that the admin is great and has decided that we need extra support for the Gr. 7s this year…a lot of the answers were answers that you find online, and then everyone gets a good chuckle =)

The weekend was pretty amazing though. Friday was nothing special…I can’t even remember what I did…oh nvm. I do. I did laundry – booooooring =P haha

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Week 35


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So we just ended week 35. It was interesting.

First, there are waaay too many kids. And they all run together in my head, so I’m always calling everybody by the wrong names =S

Second, I keep seeing kids everywhere in town. It’s weird, because kids I didn’t teach last year who have graduated, keep saying hi to me too. So everywhere I go, I see kids – it’s disconcerting. I dislike the feeling of being under a spy glass. At the same time, I’m glad that they liked me enough to say hi, and not run away – which is probably what I would have done had I seen my teachers, even if I really liked them =P

Third, I had the lovely moment of tripping over a chair while trying to write on the whiteboard – during the first time I saw this particular class. Continue reading

The Kids Arrive…


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So my first week did not go so well. 

Monday was the first day back to school, and my class was terrible. My partner is very kind, and very compassionate and very sweet and very naive (and yes, that is coming from me). Our kids were all over the place, and although they weren’t terrible terrible, they did scare off a new kid – so that he is never returning to the school. Thankfully, the management supported me, and was absolutely delightful, and completely saved my butt. They were the best. BUT I was so frustrated, one because my kids usually aren’t that bad, and two because I never have near that amount of trouble with my class when I’m alone with them, it’s just during these class meet things with the other teacher. Anyways, I had to go take a walk…just not impressed with my class, and not impressed with myself, not that I could have done things differently since we had new kids and they were back from summer and all, but still – just unimpressed. 

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Staff Social and Making Friends… (wk 33)


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So this week was interesting. On Monday, I went to get my residency card from migrationsverket in Vasteras with a friend. It was cool, we just hung out in cafes all day, ate a LOT of yummy stuff, and talked (we also missed the train twice, but that’s besides the point).  While talking with this friend, I mentioned that my goal this year, socially, was not to hibernate inside and be all hermit-like. I don’t like hanging out with large groups of people, and I really enjoy just staying home and reading…or watching a tv show or movie etc.

So on Friday we had out staff social, and one of the teachers was drunk Continue reading

End of the Week


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So today was interesting – we had to do team building stuff…

Thankfully, my team was pretty unmotivated (well I think 1 girl was a bit more into it, but the rest of us were like meh). We had fun with the activities we liked, and then were brushed off the others.  A fun activity was to make a bow and arrow and then shoot it and see which team could shoot it the farthest. We were given a piece of string and then had to go traipsing through the woods to find the rest of our stuff. I got burs all over me, so that was not fun, but it was still pretty cool =)

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Arriving and First Day of Work


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So, a few things.

So, I arrived safely (yay!) and got home safely (yay!). For those of you who don’t know, home is quite a few hours away from the airport – at least the way I get there. Coming back from the airport I bussed, walked, took a train and walked some more. All with a broken luggage – that’s right FinnAir broke my luggage!!! The axle came out of the plastic piece so the wheel wasn’t straight anymore, and it was just going all over the place. On top of that, the bottom was cracked, and you can push it in and see into the luggage a bit…not what I have, but into what makes up the shell.

Today was back to work and it was pretty alright. Continue reading

How To Know When You’re A Teacher

Since I start work in a few weeks, this had me nodding along in agreement =)

Suzie Speaks


Teaching, in my experience, is an undervalued and often misunderstood profession. I have been a qualified music teacher for eight years now, and after I saw a great list on Facebook this morning about teaching and the stereotypes that are associated with the profession, it prompted me to compile a list of my own.

These are my Top 25 ways to know when you’re a teacher:

1. Regardless of where you are – shopping, the cinema, in a restaurant, even on a beach on holiday – you’ll almost always hear ‘Hi Miss/Sir’ and instantly know that a student is standing behind you. The event of this happening is even more likely when you’re wearing your scruffy clothes and haven’t washed your hair.

2. You are called ‘Mum/Dad’ accidentally at least ten times a day.

3. You’ve learnt not to complain about your job to your non-teacher friends as this will…

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So as promised, an update on France.

France was amazing, but it taught me, more than ever, the importance of having a great attitude, and I didn’t even really realize it until I was back and reflecting on the trip, ’cause you know I have such a great attitude to begin with =P

So to start, we get to the school, and one of the kids forgot their big suitcase. Each kid got their own hand luggage, and then three of them were to share a checked luggage. So, since a kid forgot theirs, I had to go back home, pick up an empty suitcase, and then they packed their stuff and checked that in. On the bus to the airport, an hour or so away, we get a phone call from a mother – one of the kid had forgotten their passport on the kitchen table, so we stopped the bus, and waited for the mom to pass us his passport. Once we got to the airport, we realized that we didn’t have one of our kid’s boarding passes…so we had to print one…for over 100 CAD.

What a hectic start to our journey!

When we got into Paris, Continue reading