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So first of all, I’m really liking this weeks thing. It’s awesome to count things by week, and it actually makes life a lot easier…but anyways.

Monday, was Picture day, which we already discussed. It was a disaster and a half, and my co-mentor is a little stressball who has confessed to having never had a classroom management class in her life…how you get a masters in education and never sat through at least one lecture on classroom management, I have no idea. It makes you realize why Canadian teachers are in such high demand – which is weird because I didn’t think our education was that spectacular, just that it met all the necessary needs.

But anyways. This week on Tuesday we got more new kids, and then on Wednesday we got another one. Over the last week, I have had 6 new kids in my class. My co-mentor has helped out with 0 of them, she has not responded to a single email nor has she went to pick them up or show them around. Of these 6 new kids, 4 are boys from the same class at a different school and 3 of the 4 seem to be trouble makers, but in a nice, rambunctious, stupid way…not a spiteful, malicious way…but still. To put them in my already problem class, with my co-mentor and I who have enough trouble handling the class as it is…not a good idea.

On Friday we got called into a meeting, we being my co-mentor and I, to discuss how our class was dreadful and how we were not doing our jobs so well, and as such, one of the other teachers will be coming in to help us. It was presented to us as a “you’re not doing your job, so we must help clean up your mess” instead of a “let us help you” kind of fashion. Which is just frustrating, not because I don’t think we need the help, I am super thankful for it, we need all the help we can get…but because we both asked that our class have different mentors, and another person also went directly to the principal and asked that our class have a change of mentors. It’s actually the same staff member who will be helping us out…and he’s the best. I love him, he’s amazing =) It’s also frustrating, because I just found out that I was supposed to be with a different class and thus different co-mentor, and that my class would have the male-female mentor pairing everyone had requested, but then it was changed roughly a week before we started…Even other teachers have approached me and asked why we are still together with the same class…I don’t understand how if everyone saw this was a problem last year, everyone made the request last year, and the request was heeded, why it was changed back to a problematic situation, and then why the surprise when things didn’t work out perfectly…

On Friday though, we had our skoljoggen, which is like the Terry Fox run back home. That was interesting. We run through a trail on the forest and the kids get to pick between a 5k and a 2.5k run/jog/walk. It was cool, I was with another staff member who is awesome, and we were joined by more awesome staff members after. We just sat and ate cupcakes and sandwiches while drinking juice boxes as we yelled at the kids to keep running =) OH! and these kids tried to take a short cut and sneak around the woods and ended up getting lost…so we all had to hang around and wait for them to be found…in case they weren’t and we had to send in more teachers than the three who were already there…

AND! my ankle is much better now, after running around like a mad woman/limping around like a lame horse (the last bit is a quote from a staff member…) OH! said staff member also picked me up on the way to work, which was super nice of him. However, he did it by pulling up in front of me, rolling down the window and yelling “get in the car!” which obviously made me feel like this was going to be a bit of a sketch morning, but it turned out to be him, which was delightful.

OH! and our principal tried to guilt trip everyone into working harder or something of the like at a staff meeting. It was not so good. AND! she then asked if she should just stop being our principal, which seriously? Not a good idea, because now the idea is in everyone’s head…but whatever. The more this year goes on (and it has only been a few weeks), the more sure I am that I want to leave at the end of the year. I’m not sure if I’ll go back home, or if I’ll explore some other part of Sweden, or the world, but I’m about 90% sure I won’t be in the same town…But I also know that most of the staff are wonderful, and the reason for the pressure is not their fault…that someone! is putting pressure on them, and it’s unnecessary, and doesn’t make for a good working environment…