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Well it was interesting.

Grade 7s wrote their diagnostics, and let’s just say it’s very clear to see how we did the worst in the organization for Gr. 6 National Tests last year. I’m very thankful that the admin is great and has decided that we need extra support for the Gr. 7s this year…a lot of the answers were answers that you find online, and then everyone gets a good chuckle =)

The weekend was pretty amazing though. Friday was nothing special…I can’t even remember what I did…oh nvm. I do. I did laundry – booooooring =P haha

but Saturday was fun – for the most part. One of the other teachers’ girlfriends is in a band, and so we went to watch her play. And it was also someone’s bday, so they had things going on for that. It was weird in the house, but once we got to the place her band was playing that was ok. I was ok with pretty much everyone from our group who was there, and a bunch of them went out of their way to try and make sure I wasn’t suuuuuuuper uncomfortable because they all know I hate things like that…playing nice =P haha

Sunday was fun too. I went to Ikea in Vasteras with a friend, and then we just hung out in Vasteras for a bit. And then he tried to teach me standard…THANKFULLY this time I didn’t stall a gazillion times, like I did with my dad. So clearly my dad was a great teacher, since I was able to start on the hill pretty decently, and without panicking – and that’s the main problem. I panic and then I just take my feet off everything and OBVIOUSLY the car stalls. And we reversed a bit, and that was fun. Although reversing uphill, backing in to a spot and then having to start in first before the car rolled into a rock behind me was a bit stressful….But it was still fun =)

AND now we have work again. =) Those diagnostics are KILLING Me though.

OH! and we have a gazillion new kids in our class…from last week – 3, and 1 who just returned from vacation, and we have another one starting tomorrow…my comentor is also just as stressful. Today was picture day, and she had no clue what was going on, didn’t have an attendance list (thankfully I did, and had taken it by the time she got there late), and then one of our new kids showed up a bit late, and she sent the NEW KID, who doesn’t know where everything is, to go around and look for OTHER KIDS who were ALREADY THERE. Ugh. 

And I did something to my left ankle again. But this time worse, i can’t put my full weight on it =S SO it’s wrapped up nice and I’ve been jumping/hopping around the school like a crippled energizer bunny =P

OH! and one class calls me “Nascar” because I run/walk around the classroom a lot…