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So we just ended week 35. It was interesting.

First, there are waaay too many kids. And they all run together in my head, so I’m always calling everybody by the wrong names =S

Second, I keep seeing kids everywhere in town. It’s weird, because kids I didn’t teach last year who have graduated, keep saying hi to me too. So everywhere I go, I see kids – it’s disconcerting. I dislike the feeling of being under a spy glass. At the same time, I’m glad that they liked me enough to say hi, and not run away – which is probably what I would have done had I seen my teachers, even if I really liked them =P

Third, I had the lovely moment of tripping over a chair while trying to write on the whiteboard – during the first time I saw this particular class. As a result I rolled both my ankles, and they are both now in braces. I also hit my shoulder on the way down, and it now has a bruise. I may have also slightly hit my back, because there are bruises there too…or I might have backed into something or, I dunno…but all these bruises are not good. And I rolled my ankles a few times while walking around town =S One of my kids from last year saw my ankles in braces and said “didn’t you do that last year?”

what else….

OH! One of my favourite students (that I don’t have because I like all students equally =P) from last year came back and asked me to give him and his friend private extra help sessions this year since they don’t have me as their math teacher this year. That was cute.

ummm…oh and we had a discussion about how big my mouth is…and yes that is just as awkward a conversation as it sounds… “miss why does your phone have all these bubbles in the screen protector?” “oh, I bite my phone….” “but how about the ones in the middle? Your mouth isn’t that big…is it?” … “yeah, we’re not going to discuss how big my mouth is…thanks…” and all the brighter kids, or the ones who are more fluent in English just burst out into the giggles. This led to quite the wonderful pun being name with my last name…

What else…oh some staff members make me laugh a lot =) One in particular is always making fun of me, but in a nice way =P And it was hilarious, because I fixed something for him and his team by making them do tallies instead of a gazillion ticks. And I made a “key” for them, and he was giving me a hard time asking if I thought they were stupid – only for one of the other staff members to get so upset because she didn’t understand this new system about 5 minutes later. He just looked at me and we tried not to laugh…she also had some issues adding two and one…and I looked at him and told him I was leaving before I shot my mouth off…

Oh and I met with an old colleague from last year – she moved to another school. It was a great decision for her, she looks much happier this year. And her son in moving for university, and I’ll be going to visit her in a bit =) And meet all her friends in her city =D yay =)