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So my first week did not go so well. 

Monday was the first day back to school, and my class was terrible. My partner is very kind, and very compassionate and very sweet and very naive (and yes, that is coming from me). Our kids were all over the place, and although they weren’t terrible terrible, they did scare off a new kid – so that he is never returning to the school. Thankfully, the management supported me, and was absolutely delightful, and completely saved my butt. They were the best. BUT I was so frustrated, one because my kids usually aren’t that bad, and two because I never have near that amount of trouble with my class when I’m alone with them, it’s just during these class meet things with the other teacher. Anyways, I had to go take a walk…just not impressed with my class, and not impressed with myself, not that I could have done things differently since we had new kids and they were back from summer and all, but still – just unimpressed. 

Tuesday was better, but not much. They were quiet and they listened better, but we also made it so that I was sitting with my more antsy boys. They’re delightful, and I love them to bits, but still, they’re a handful. I was never with my class as the other teacher can’t handle them at all. They don’t listen to her, like at all. So I have no idea what was going on in the class. I had a kid throwing a tantrum, kicking the walls, pillars, storming about, throwing keys and knocking tables and everything – over a locker. It was the stupidest tantrum. Thankfully, one the other teachers came and had a stern talking to with him. He set the kid straight, and everything. That particular staff member is my life saver – I always go to him for help =P I think he may be getting sick of me =S And then later, another student, who trusts me a bit more, just came to talk to me about the same problem later, and I thanked him for his maturity in front of the first boy…We fixed the problem and it was good. 

I also had a meeting with management and we’re going to try and fix this guidance and spec. ed stuff so I can go for my specialist when I’m back =)

I also taught a lesson to some seventh graders and realized why I liked teaching again. First time since the kids came that I didn’t have to take a walk to calm myself down after…

Wednesday we went to a park with some other classes. One of the other teachers who knows how much trouble I’ve been having with my class invited us along and was so nice as to plan everything. He also has been looking out for me quite a bit. I’m very thankful for all these staff members – I’m not sure I would get the same amount of help, or at least willingly, back home. Then we had classes, which I loved. 

Thursday, I was dreading, because I had to teach my class. Thankfully, they were perfect. I loved it. We did fine, and everything was fine =) My other classes went well too. 

Friday, we had a special day where we were split into year groups. A little annoyed with the other teachers since we said that we were supposed to meet at 9:30, and no one showed up till 10 – the same time as the students. Which meant that no one was set up, which meant that they had no clue what was going on, and everything was so chaotic. I don’t even understand…well not all the teachers, but a good chunk of them…I was annoyed with my teacher partner again because she wanted to talk to me about at student, while another student had asked for me to take her to the counsellor, and someone she thought that telling me that a student wanted to switch languages was more important than this student who needed to speak to the counsellor. And she’s IN the modern languages department!!! She could figure it out, and let me know. Ugh. 

And we had a math department dinner at my head of department’s house – which was lovely. My first crayfish party =) And I love my department, so it was all good =D

And the weekend has been great =) I’m sick, and have been since Thursday, but it’s still going well =) Praise God for my excellent ending to the week. And that at least with the way things have started, administration has seen the reason why the other teacher, certain members of staff and myself have asked that we switch up the teacher pairing of my class to include a male…

Oh, and one of awesome students got switched to another class…well actually 3 of them, but one that I really really liked, that the other kids didn’t, so I do understand why he was switched…but it made me sad. And another one of my students that I really really like wants to switch as well. And I understand why, but it still sucks =(