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So this week was interesting. On Monday, I went to get my residency card from migrationsverket in Vasteras with a friend. It was cool, we just hung out in cafes all day, ate a LOT of yummy stuff, and talked (we also missed the train twice, but that’s besides the point).  While talking with this friend, I mentioned that my goal this year, socially, was not to hibernate inside and be all hermit-like. I don’t like hanging out with large groups of people, and I really enjoy just staying home and reading…or watching a tv show or movie etc.

So on Friday we had out staff social, and one of the teachers was drunk, and so funny. Well the teacher she was talking to was also drunk, and the two of them just kept saying the most inappropriate things ever – and oh so loudly! For example, spanking and popping of cherries were frequent topics of conversation…

And after, while trying to run away and exit oh so gracefully with another teacher, someone called up all the Canadians, so one of them grabbed me and then we stood up there for a bit while some people sang songs.

Then a bunch of us went out, because the above mentioned friend said that I must actually GO OUT to make friends…apparently staying in doesn’t accomplish that =P So yes.

I will post about this disastrous week sometime this weekend – hopefully.