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So today was interesting – we had to do team building stuff…

Thankfully, my team was pretty unmotivated (well I think 1 girl was a bit more into it, but the rest of us were like meh). We had fun with the activities we liked, and then were brushed off the others.  A fun activity was to make a bow and arrow and then shoot it and see which team could shoot it the farthest. We were given a piece of string and then had to go traipsing through the woods to find the rest of our stuff. I got burs all over me, so that was not fun, but it was still pretty cool =)

There was some painting bit, where all the teams were supposed to create this painting together – the two other girls were all excited (both PJ teachers…those PJ teachers =P) while the other math/science teacher, PE teacher and myself just hovered to make it look like we were interested, before walking away.

I did the whole year plan for Gr. 7 and will have to start and finish the Gr. 8 one by Tuesday. I have Monday off to go get my residency card =) Which for some reason they didn’t mail to me =(