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So, a few things.

So, I arrived safely (yay!) and got home safely (yay!). For those of you who don’t know, home is quite a few hours away from the airport – at least the way I get there. Coming back from the airport I bussed, walked, took a train and walked some more. All with a broken luggage – that’s right FinnAir broke my luggage!!! The axle came out of the plastic piece so the wheel wasn’t straight anymore, and it was just going all over the place. On top of that, the bottom was cracked, and you can push it in and see into the luggage a bit…not what I have, but into what makes up the shell.

Today was back to work and it was pretty alright. Boring, first day – pretty much a repeat of last year minus the nervousness…and I knew people, which is nice. There were also a TON of new staff, and I met someone who just graduated from the program my brother is in, which is kinda cool.  Just like last year, and apparently this happens every year, our order for supplies was wrong – instead of 700 folders, for example, which means 1/student, we got 70…

AND! it was super hot in the building…soooo definitely going to be wearing skirts and dresses till the weather gets a little colder =)

It was interesting, one our staff members reminded me of a white macaw I saw at a zoo in Brisbane, the way her hair was sticking up, just a bit of it =P It had me chuckling every time I saw her…especially since he was racing through the building at one point, and I could just imagine her spanning her wings, cawing and attacking someone.