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So as promised, an update on France.

France was amazing, but it taught me, more than ever, the importance of having a great attitude, and I didn’t even really realize it until I was back and reflecting on the trip, ’cause you know I have such a great attitude to begin with =P

So to start, we get to the school, and one of the kids forgot their big suitcase. Each kid got their own hand luggage, and then three of them were to share a checked luggage. So, since a kid forgot theirs, I had to go back home, pick up an empty suitcase, and then they packed their stuff and checked that in. On the bus to the airport, an hour or so away, we get a phone call from a mother – one of the kid had forgotten their passport on the kitchen table, so we stopped the bus, and waited for the mom to pass us his passport. Once we got to the airport, we realized that we didn’t have one of our kid’s boarding passes…so we had to print one…for over 100 CAD.

What a hectic start to our journey!

When we got into Paris, we got all our luggage on to a bus, and then once in town, off the bus, and onto the metro which we took to the Arc de Triomphe and then on to McDonalds – where each kid ordered, forgot their order, stole others’ food/drinks and all in all it was a mess. We quickly learned never to do that again, we being the 3 teachers on the trip with our lovely 27 students.

Cool, so we got everyone back on the Metro and went to the train station for a 2 ish hour train ride to Avingnon (I fell asleep and there are probably countless terrible photos of me sleeping on the train…). Once in Avingnon, we let the kids go to their Host Families.

In Avignon we did a myriad of things, we did the Pope’s Palace, a Carousel (where I found out that the only thing more embarrassing than being hit on BY a student is being hit on in FRONT of students…), fika (a Swedish thing – kinda of like what afternoon tea would be for the English), we went to the Fontaine de Vaucluse where we saw the source of a river, and we did accrobranche which is like…obstacle courses in the trees, so much fun!! AND! we did…horse back riding, which was a lot of fun, but there were these INSANE mosquitoes that bit through my clothes…

When we got to Paris, we were dragging all our luggage everywhere, again, and walked to the wrong hotel =( SO! we had to walk somewhere else, again. No one was very happy about it, and everyone was hungry. When we finally got to the right hotel, and got lunch it was around 3:00. Then on Sunday, one teacher blew up at a kid (although the kid was asking for it – none of the other students defended him either…and you know it’s bad when 26 other students stand by and let you take the fall…and not a single one comes to your defense). On Monday, some of our kids were a half hour late, so we left late, which means we got caught in a thunder storm…not fun. It resulted in squishy shoes for the rest of the day – really squishy shoes, so squishy I left my shoes in France ’cause they weren’t dry enough the next day =P

THEN! coming home, we had these students get into a spat, resulting in one not letting the other put his stuff in the suitcase that was to be checked. Granted, I would have done the same, the student definitely deserved it.

But it was a great trip overall =) I got to see France, I got to connect with my teachers is a non-teaching environment. AND! I got to talk to one of the other teachers (we had two teachers, one was a math teacher, one was a french teacher…I hardly talk to the french department, since he’s in another department. He’s getting married in a CASTLE!!! next summer! how cool is that?!) and I got to do a bunch of things I never would do, at least not in France =) AND! I got to eat amazing food =) It was awesome =)