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So we’re done – or at least we’re done the part with the kiddies =P We have in service days now, but I shall be skipping most of them as I will be in France with some of our students on an exchange trip.

The past few days have been hectic and tiring…and altogether chaotic.

Monday was the origami day. After much clamoring for a movie, I found one, which was, admittedly, a bit boring at the beginning, but we never got to the end. I “gave up” trying to teach them any new origami from Friday, and instead gave them the rest of the morning to get into groups and design paper planes, which they then had to make bigger models. After lunch, we launched our big paper lanes out the window to see whose plane went the farthest…and of course they also launched all their tiny planes, which was expected. We then had a fun clean up session before coming back up to the class to watch some origami youtube videos before I decided that we could make hexaflexagons!! Those were fun =) Even the kids admitted that it was kinda fun to just mindlessly flip them in and out =)

Fun note: Administration spelled “origami” wrong and had “orgami” up instead…which some students thought was a typo for “orgasm” and actually asked their mentors what was up with that…

Tuesday was Mentor day. First the students had to empty their lockers, and then I had to go and check all their lockers while my co-mentor made sure they sorted their garbage/recycling correctly as well as cleaned the classroom properly. Oh my goodness, I think it would have been faster if I just cleaned all 32 lockers myself…After we had done that, we went to Vilsta for a BBQ.

Let’s just say that I am not a good fire starter bbq person…I had the coal, I had the lighter, we had paper….it took way to long to start that fire properly…But it was good =)

Today was the end of term ceremony. It was…interesting. The graduating students marched into the hall in formation, in time, along with flag bearers while our school choir sang our school song (which is a bit like a battle hymn…) and then, they shut all the doors, and our disciplinary staff stood and guarded them. It was very eerie and made me feel very uncomfortable… Nonetheless, the ceremony was very interesting. There was this girl from the junior school who had the most amazing voice. It was quite impressive.

After, a bunch of students came to hug me..and some of the boys are so tall, that they had to bend down, despite me being in heels and standing on the stairs. But they were all good sports about it =)

But in any case, I am out! We have an important-ish dinner on Friday and then on Sunday morning I am out to France =)