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So all my teaching days are done…we have one more student choice day (I’m doing origami) and then mentor day (empty lockers…and then a picnic…) and then Wednesday is end of term ceremony.

Thursday is a national holiday, and Friday is an in-service day (followed by a week more of them, but I will be in FRANCE!) and then on the 20th I fly home =)

The last few weeks have been hectic. Trying to figure out what to teach as kids get shuffled around to try and pass their various subjects, and to keep kids kinda in control in the classroom when they’re going crazy is very difficult – more so because I want to be outside too!!  In any case, while many people recommend starting the next year’s material, I just couldn’t do it – mainly because I was just too tired! So tired in fact that I slept 14 hours last night…got up ate something, read a bit, and then slept another 5…

It’s weird to think that my first year of teaching is almost at and end…and even weirder still to think that next year will be entirely different, different staff (although the math department stays the same! yay!), and of course different students. Even  though I’ll have some of the same students, rumour has it that the 7th graders come back as monsters for the first half of 8th grade…hopefully this is not true =)