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Wow! It’s been a month! I am so sorry for not updating! What a terrible blogger/updater I am =P

Anyways: we have taken the kids swimming twice in the past month – 2 panicked and tried to drown me…they thought it was hilarious and now go around school saying that they almost “killed Miss ______”

We’ve had part 1 of the National Tests, which was awesome. I loved doing them as we sit and watch the kids, and then mark them together. Teaching is weird where you don’t really see your co-workers that much since you’re hanging out with all these students so much more…

I had a visible-invisible identity activity with my kids. Some of the invisible identities were really sad. I had  “it’s my fault that my mom got divorced from the last man” “I  cry every day”  “I never show how I really feel” “I hate my family” “I’m always sad” and stuff like that. What was worrisome for me was that I got a lot of them more than once…considering I only did it with ~15 kids, it was saddening. Great that they told me though, icky since it was anonymous so I’m not 100% sure who wrote what.

The talk I had with the boys about it went pretty well. They weren’t all that serious about it, but it was alright. A few of them had some pretty good insights, although they tried to play it all cool and “whatever” like…

The week I was supposed to have the same talk with the girls, we were instructed to talk about sex instead. It was how to say no to someone if they were pressuring you to have sex before you were ready. Once we got past the giggles, my kids had some amusing answers…The lesson consisted of us giving them lines that someone might use on them, and them having to brainstorm answers…

Before we even got to the lines one of the girls just giggled and said “do it yourself! you have a hand!”

Some of the other responses included:
line: C’mon baby, no one has to know!
response: Why? Are you ashamed of me?
response: Uh…they will if we have a baby!

line: Oh, come on, just this once!
response: ha! No! Once you have some of this, you’re going to want more!

We followed this conversation up with me reading them a letter from a dad to his “cutie pie” and a tiny discussion on their self-worth and about respect for themselves, and a guy who will respect them.

In terms of math, I had a bunch of kids pass their assessments! Which was amazing, since most of them usually miss one part and have to re-test that small bit, so that was AWESOME!

AND! It’s almost the end of the year! My first year as a teacher, and my first year having a “real job” is almost over =) So glad I made the right choice becoming a teacher, it is so much fun =)  Love, love, love =) Had the discussion today with my Head of Department about how sad it must be if you don’t love what you do. I really hope you all love what you do =)