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And things have started in full swing!

Granted, I have had a particularly fun week =)

Monday and Tuesday were alright. These boys are still just…ugh, but I am getting better at knowing where they are, which means that I know if I have to pass them, or if I can avoid them. Generally they’re ok, but sometimes when I’m just having one of those days, I just can’t deal with them.

Although this week was alright – for the most part. Someone did think I was a 14 yr old male student though…and that was unfortunate. What was even more unfortunate was that was my defense when someone else later that day thought I was 12.

I also had a student tell me that he understood that it was hard being a teacher during a particularly hard moment in class, where I turned to the board, and muttered a quick prayer. He was also part of the reason it was hard being a teacher for that class, but he is sweet, and isn’t mean or anything. Had a class also ask if we could all go to a restaurant together – which I thought was weird.

Tuesday night the French Exchange students came – along with their teachers of course. That was great, there is this Kiwi who is their English teacher and I think she is either my age or a year older than me. So that was great.

On Wednesday we went to Vasteras (there are funny accents on there that don’t exist on my keyboard) and went to Arosfortet (there might be accents on that?) which is this crazy cool place. There are a bunch of rooms and in each room there is a challenge, but they don’t tell you what the challenge is, and then you have to solve it (duh) in order to get points. It’s great for the students to kind of get used to talking to each other, and our team (The Kid Crushers) won – of course. =P Granted one of our team members had done everything last year, so we didn’t spend so much time figuring out what to do =P

Thursday I taught. It was alright, nothing too exciting happened. We had a BBQ for the exchange students + families after school. That was FREEZING! It was so cold! But good, and fun to see all the students interacting and stuff.

Friday we took the French students only to Stockholm. That was great! While we were walking we saw the parliament send these horse and carriages to go pick up the diplomats and bring them to see the King and stuff. Pretty exciting stuff. And then we went on a boat tour, and then to the palace! The tour was in French, and it was really neat to hear about all the stuff that was going on way back when. Also, I didn’t know that Sweden and France interacted quite closely in the 1700s. Apparently, one of the French Kings (I think it was Louis XV) even mentored one of the Swedish Kings who was sent to his court in Versailles. Then we walked to Skansen, which is this zoo, but it was pretty cold. We ate lunch and then everyone had an hour or so to explore the zoo. I’ve never seen wolves dragging carcasses around…and just carcasses lying around in the enclosure which some of the birds were picking meat off the bones…It was cool though. And then shopping! Well the kids went shopping, I went to a cafe with the Kiwi =) We had chai lattes and enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday was pretty restful. Didn’t do anything productive, folded a bit of laundry was it I think! And then it was off to one of the teachers’ houses for a dinner with all the french teachers and everyone! It was fun. They are so fun, and they have the cutest little boy. He’s so quiet, and they live out in the country, so he was showing me where they chop their firewood, and his train set (which I think may be more for his dad…) and all his lego and read to me a bit in Swedish. It was cool. AND! my head of department (it was his house) now believes me when I say I speak a little French. He’s from Quebec and he was always a bit skeptical.

And then Today is not much. I have work to get done and few friends to meet – some work drama going on that needs to be de-briefed. Apparently there was a bunch of stuff on Friday when I was in Stockholm, and some people are upset and need to vent a little. Ugh. I hate drama. Hopefully it doesn’t involve me =)