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So I was in England last week and it was amazing!! …Except that I lost my passport, but other than that, amazing =D

I landed on Sunday night, and had not eaten ANYTHING for a while, so when I got off the plane, I guess I wasn’t all there…So I left my passport, immigration card and emergency cash (they were all in a portfolio together) in the bathroom, after clearing immigration, before clearing customs. I didn’t realize till I was on the train from Gatwick to Victoria.

I managed to get into contact with my cousin, and on Monday, I had a great day! I couldn’t do anything about the passport etc, because everything was closed for Easter Monday. I called the airport and nothing had been turned in, so I just enjoyed my day =) So I went to Westminister and hung around there, seeing the Abbey, Big Ben and all that jazz, and then walked by the Horses (all the guards and stuff) and through a park, up to Trafalgar, and then to Buckingham and then to Sloane Square, South Kensington and then to Knightsbridge. On the way I stopped by a gazillion things (cathedrals, Harrods, Hummingbird bakery, Starbucks, all kinds of stores…) and it was awesome =) I loved seeing it, and it was interesting to see how everything changed as you walked through the little communities =) They all have their own character, and it’s pretty neat =) Met my cousin for dinner, we went to a great Mexican place. The only time I’ve liked Mexican food…

Tuesday I went down to the Canadian High Commission, which is near Bond St. Station, so I was there for the morning. Had to wait and the person before me was trying to get his wife a passport, and she hadn’t had one for 20+ years, and her other passport had expired and she had no proof that she was even allowed to be in the country…it was a long wait =P But, it was alright. The lady I spoke to was excellent. Very nice, and wonderful, and made things so easy. Had to list my pastor’s family as references for back home. They had to vouch for me =) And then I explored Oxford Street a bit. Found a bookstore =) AND! Found a book I had been looking for with a friend since last year, so YAY! =) And then! I met my cousin and we went to China Town to go get supplies for Hot Pot =) AND! I found a Pandan Cake Mix…hopefully it turns out ok…and then Hot Pot with my cousin’s friends. =) That was the best, Hot Pot with his friends.

Wednesday, I went to the Swedish Embassy (I had called on Tuesday, and they told me not to go in…and then they told me to go in on Wednesday instead…). They gave me a letter explaining the situation to give to immigration, and then I went to Camden. Camden was awesome =) Very interesting, and I had bao! yay! (notice how all the asian things were my favourite…) After that, I went to Covent Circus and then it was back to the Canadian High Commission since my temporary passport was done, so I picked that up, and then went around Oxford street for a bit to kill some time before meeting my cousin again for dinner. We went to an AMAZING Thai place – best Calamari I’ve EVER had.

Thursday I went to the Borough and explored the markets there. AND! it was SNOWING! Well it snowed Wednesday night too, but Thursday, I went to the Tower of London, but I didn’t go in due to the LOOOOOOOONG line, and I didn’t feel like waiting in the snow…only to get in and walk around the grounds – also in the snow. So Market…Tower of London…other stuff around the area…and eventually on to St. Pauls. That was interesting, and then I just went to a McDonalds and read my book before meeting my cousin later for Singaporean/Malaysian food…yeah SO excited. I had laksa, achar and hot soy bean milk =) I was quite the happy camper =)

Friday I left super early, and it was pretty easy. When I got into Sweden the lady was all like “oooh, we never see temporary Canadian passports!” and then turned to her neighbour and waved it around in his face exclaiming “colla! colla” (look look!) as she flipped through it…

And then I was home =)