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So I’m in London now, and I will post about that later.

FIRST! The week before the Easter break (yeah we get a week for Easter…not sure why, we’re in one of the most atheistic countries ever…)

But anyways, the week before we had student-parent-teacher meetings. They were interesting. Most of mine went well, they’re pretty easy, but they all complained about the same one teacher who lacks classroom management skills – according to them.

So last semester when I did these things, I was told by the assistant principal to write everything down all their concerns, whether you think them valid or not, (in professional language of course), but then this time, the person who is in charge of checking up on me was like “no, you don’t write this….or this….or this” and so I had to go back and change a lot of them, but it was ok I guess. I kinda feel like it’s deceitful, but the person said that I just need to bring all those concerns up somewhere else, but didn’t tell me where that somewhere else is…

It was a pretty chill week –  gave my grade 8s a quiz, most of them did alright, I was hoping that they would do a bit better, but considering the culture here, I need to keep reminding myself to lower my expectations. Kids here don’t do homework, and if they do, it’s only one hour a week per subject, and they don’t study. Which of course means that they won’t do as well as the kids back home, even though we go over things here SO much more, and SO much slower. If you only have 3 hours a week, if you get all your lessons, instead of 5, and you are only expected to do about 1 hour a week of homework, instead of 5, how can you even come close to the level back home? Looking at your average of course =P

AND! then break =) I went out with a few friends the day before I flew, it was fun. And I was quite sick from Thursday to Friday, but then it passed pretty quick. Just have the sniffles and the odd cough now.