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This week was pretty fun.

It was a pretty normal week, I gave my kids a quiz and stuff, but the best day was Thursday and  Friday!

On Thursday, we got to take the kids to gymnasium, which is pretty much High School, but it’s streamed by program, and the kids have to apply, with their grades from school, and the National Test. Whenever they gave the kids stuff, me and another teacher, were included…

It was fun to see what they would be doing at the gymnasium and to be out of the school. I also didn’t miss any of my classes since all the classes during that time were at the gymnasium anyways.

On Friday, I got to take some of our top math students to write a math competition at the local university (the whole school writes the competition in class if they don’t come) and then after they got to listen to a math lecture that was video conference with another site in Sweden and one in Budapest.

Anyways, I love things like this because it’s a break from teaching, not that I don’t love teaching, I do, but a break is always nice. And on Friday, I was giving quizzes, so having other teachers try to keep my class quiet while they write, is always nice as well.  But I also really like them because I get to talk to the students as we walk there and back, and its more relaxed, and most of them, I don’t teach. So it’s just nice.

Also, once we’re there, other people take care of them, and I got some marking done, and just got to sit down with a chai latte and chill =)

However, it can also lead to some awkward conversations. The students all wanted to take the bus back from the university (it’s around a 20 minute walk) because it was cold, however they aren’t allowed to (no idea why). But I told them that a huge reason of why they can’t is because I can’t ride the bus, as I don’t have a bus pass. One of the ninth grade boys, kindly offered to pay for me, adding on that “it could a date!” after my rejection of this, on the grounds that he’s a student, one of his friends went “ooooh! Student-zoned!” and then this led to a conversation of dates, and how I didn’t think he was going to get a girl anytime soon if his idea of a date was a bus ride to school…

I was also kindly informed that the age of consent in Sweden is 15. So since my students were 16, that it shouldn’t have been a problem…

They also asked how old I was, and my reply of “old enough to teach” was swiftly met with “so what is that now? 12?”

After school, I also hung out with some girls who were super nice. One is my co-mentor, and another is one of the teacher’s wives who is also subbing all the time. She’s amazing!