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So this past week was “Love Week” at our school…it was alright. Some of the kids made some pretty darn cute cards for their “secret friend” (it’s like secret santa).

On Monday one of our staff came back =) He’s been away since about mid October I think because of some heath issues, and so it’s nice that’s back, even if it’s just for 50%.

My kids were pretty alright this week, nothing too crazy, that I can recall anyways. A lot of assessments going on. Grade 8s were last Friday, and so trying to get all those who missed it to write, and all those who had failed…all those people had to go to a re-test sessions, which 1/2 of us thought was cancelled…SO! there will be lots of fun things happening after the break =)

On Thursday, some of the boys started singing “bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do? what you going to do when [insert my last name] comes for you?” And then they started cracking up like it was the most hilarious thing they had ever heard…

And now, I’m back home =) Celebrated CNY, had awesome food (my mom made Hainanese Chicken Rice AND Kiam Chai Soup =D) and today I’m going to church =)