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So. Today was amazing.

1. I fell into a snowbank while walking backwards and telling 1 student that we changed class, in front of 2 other students….and my leg was covered in snow.

2. I got my retainer fixed, it cost a lot of money though….

3. Because I had an emergency dentist appointment, I was running all over the school trying to arrange cover and what not – as a result like 20 students yelled “No running in the halls Miss ________” and about 10 of them gave me detention….

4. My grade 7s had fun in my socrative lesson

5. I got told by another teacher that I was too loud…her students knew it was me and asked her to tell me to be quiet about 1/2 way through my lesson =P

6. Some of my grade 7 boys who the others don’t think of as “smart” have agreed to lead small groups tomorrow for the review =)

7. I think I may have terrified a new kid with my little energetic stressball act…

8. I orally tested a kid, and he passed =) (he wrote his name on the assessment on Friday…)

9. The discipline officers weren’t mad that I didn’t do my lunch duty (well they were at first, but when they knew why and that I had told the person in charge of arranging cover and she didn’t do it, they weren’t mad at me =P) and they make me laugh, like always =)

10. I changed some cash for back home, they didn’t have enough Canadian, so I have to go back later on in the week

11. my boys wrote awesome letters about what was going on in the class

12. one of my kids has agreed not to stay home alone (his mom is away on a trip) which is awesome =D

13. Some of the kids are going to be moving OUT of my group tomorrow =) So hopefully I will have a better behaved class =)

14. Some of my kids did really well on their assessments on Friday =D  Even they were surprised at how well they did =)


And of course the weather is still looking good for Thursday/Friday. Still haven’t bought my train tickets yet because it’s been suggested by multiple people that I wait until Thursday and then look at the weather and POSSIBLY go late Thursday night to the airport and wait there…because it’s supposed to snow overnight, and that might mean the tracks won’t be clear for Friday’s trains….

and if it snows, the tracks get cleared before the highways, so it’s better to take the train anyways….

so PLEASE pray for good weather =)

ok thanks.