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So on Monday, our discipline officer person came into my class (interrupted it!) and looked really really anxious…and I thought “oh no…what have one of my kids done….” only for him to say “you live in the same building as __________ right?” “yes…” “I’ve already talked to ___________ (our HR/accountant person) and she’s called your landlord and we’re going to get you out of there!” “oh, thanks =)” haha he always looks out for me =D It’s sweet. By the end of the day they had an option for me =) (more on that later). They are really nice to take care of me like that though.

AND! on Monday I had my development talk, which is like our review and we meet with management and stuff. It went well, I think. =) It was conducted by our Assistant Principal and he asked if I had any friends outside of school people…I was like “uh…no” hahaha it was kinda sad, but nice of him to ask about my personal life I guess. I also wrote an 8 page reflection (well…like 4? and then 2 was on goal setting that we had to do, and another 2 on this self eval we had to do…) and he said he enjoyed reading it (really?!) but it was funny =) I was very honest =P

Then on Tuesday, my birthday, everything was just stressful and semi-terrible. First of all, I teach 6 lessons on Tuesday, so by the end of the day I’m just so tired. But anyways, at the end of the 3rd lesson, I get told by another teacher to go down to the office because one of my kids is crying (she always cries…). So down I go, and I meet the kid, and the discipline officer comes to help out and he sorts everything out between her and another kid. Then, in our mentor meet, I had to kick two boys out, find out from one boy that the reason he exploded in class was because the girls were calling him names, so I had to call more girls out, they refuse to tell me whats going on with the boy there, so send him back to class, start talking to girl, she starts crying….SO! I have to bring her down to the office where I can talk to her, on the way I ask one of our discipline officers (a different one from before…we have 3 of them) if he could start my class in 20 minutes if I was late (I was) while I talk to this girl. Then during that class, I had to go around and do damage control…so I asked them to write me letters and stuff…damage control continued for the remainder of the week…then! I had my lovely last class.

This class has a few bad combinations of some awesome kids. So anyways, one such awesome kid came early and was working really well until his other half of the bad combo came in. Together they putzed around class and whatnot, despite me separating them and stuff (the second one always went to go bother the first…) until FINALLY a table was flipped. And these were the lab tables, which are pretty tall…so then! I ordered them both out of the classroom, not to pick up the table or anything, just leave. Another boy from the class goes “miss ____ I can help you with the table” (he’s really sweet), so the two of us go pick up the stuff that fell, and put the table back up. Science teachers come out of the office after hearing the crash and a very upset me ordering these two boys out of the class. I go out after calming down a little, only to hear the two of them screaming that I “can’t” give them a detention because “they do anything.” I decide I’m not dealing with this, so I find a kid in the hall (one of my mentor kids), and ask him to go get any one of the three discipline officers in the school. He does, and one of them comes within 5 minutes. He gets there, they starts telling him that he can’t do anything, he tells them to be quiet, hears what I have to say, says “awesome, write them up and they both have detention.” They start protesting even more, he continues a talk with them in the hall while I go inside to continue my lesson (which is pretty much shot by now…). I am *so* worn out by this, that I let my kids pack up 5 minutes early, and slowly dismiss them. One of my boys, the same one who helped with the tables goes  “oh miss ____ don’t do that! don’t be unhappy” which was cute, but I was just like “…leave, please just leave” hahaha

Wednesday was pretty uneventful, two of my seventh graders were really cute though. They’ve been giving me the *best,* amazingly hilarious homework reviews, and due to the national tests, we were in the computer room, and since they couldn’t stop touching the computers, I put them in a corner. One of the boys gave me a little poster about “minute 4 in the corner” and how it was “dark” and he was “sad” and he “missed his mommy” haha he also wrote that “math class is like pi…it never ends” and drew a few more doodles. It was cute.  Unfortunately, I ended up at school till almost 7pm…when I got home, I was so tired I went straight to bed….

Thursday is snowed and snowed and snowed (though not as much as they’re getting back home!) I tutored a kid, and that went well =) Shoveled a driveway, shamed said kid into also shoveling the driveway…and yeah =) It was good.

Friday was pretty good. I gave out 4 detentions and 4 warnings though…No idea why kids don’t understand that they can’t talk during a test…about a third of my grade 8s didn’t show up for their test…had a kid crying over it because “if I can’t answer this question I will fail” ….shows how much they understand about percentages…but anyways… ALSO talked to some people about potentially moving, and the assistance principal came by, and when he found out where I was living he said “I don’t care where you’re moving to, take it! Move! Run!!!” I told him I felt *so* much safer going home now…

We went out Friday and that was good. Saw the apartment (it is another teacher’s, and she’s moving out at the end of the month into something smaller). The apartment is nice =) It’s newer, bigger, in a better area, has a DISHWASHER and a microwave and a nicer stove/oven =) It also has a LIVING area which is great. I will need some new cheap furniture, but that’s ok =)It’s also more expensive, but also ok considering it means no more strange people in the building holding up tenants with a knife =)