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Quick Summary:
Being sick sucks, fell into dog poop, someone in building threatened by strange man with knife, students are awesome.

Long Detailed Semi-Boring, Very Rambly Post…:

SO this past week I was sick – for pretty much the whole week, now that I look back. On Monday I was *super* tired…I went to SFI and didn’t talk to anyone, finished my worksheets super fast (I was an hour late, and still managed to finish everything before everyone else…) and then left. Haha I had to apologize to my friend after via text for ignoring him when he was trying to ask me how my day was and stuff. I was just like “Bra…” and put my head down. (Bra = good btw).

Tuesday was good, still felt SUPER tired, but I thought it was due to my tiring day of teaching 6 classes (yes, 6!). That and I usually have a support teacher for 3 of them, but she was sick, thankfully all my classes went really well! I put these 2 kids out in the hall to work on something separately (2 trouble makers…) and I had them bring a desk out and everything so they could sit right in my line of vision by the door. (All the other teachers thought this was hilarious…my class only has 13 I think if everyone shows up…and a bunch of students were away, and I still sent kids out into the hall to work – although once they saw the rest of my class the understood why). So a bunch of their friends came to visit, and I chased some of them away, but one of my grade 7s and two grade 9s actually came to help! and the grade 9 boys were phenomenal! and helped out in my class as well! LOVE THEM! haha One of them I wrote up the day before for coming up to me and saying “MMMMMM Miss _________! SO MUCH SUGAR!” as he ate a sugar donut in front of me in the halls…we have a no eating in the halls rule. So it was nice of him not to hold a grudge and come help out! My kids in the same class were hiding white board markers, hiding behind doors and generally just being a little crazy, but they all got a *bit* of math done – and considering that the kids in that class are rumoured to be under police investigation for the fire cracker, lighter fluid, fire department came to our school, vandalism, and breaking of windows that has been happening the last few weeks, the fact that they got anything done at all was amazing! =) AND they are some of my favourites, they’re just so funny. One of them mentioned that I was in a good mood – as if I generally am not. Hmmph.

Wednesday I got a fever sometime during the day, but I worked through it. MAINLY because we bought FRANCE TICKETS!  (That’s right, it’s official, I am going on a school-paid trip to France in June, I”ll be in charge of some students and whatnot but still! FRANCE!) And So I went home, and didn’t get any of the planned marking done…it just…sat in my bag. Oh, and I got proposed to by a student =P worst proposal ever haha, but funny. My friend said I should have said yes and asked for my ring…umm no. Haha way too young to be doing things like that…

Thursday I woke up sans fever, so I went in to work. Fever returned, I felt terrible, went home sick at about 11, and told them I wasn’t coming in on Friday either. (And my dad did question me to see if I was really too sick to work…as if my parents haven’t imparted good work ethic to me =P well guess what? if not, it’s too late now =D). On the way home, I slipped on ice and fell into dog poop (yeah, I thought it was hilarious too =D) and SOOOO! when I went home, instead of popping straight into bed, I quickly stripped, threw clothes into bucket, filled bucket with water, emptied bucket, filled bucket, emptied bucket and then finally filled bucket with hot water and laundry detergent and went to bed. When I woke up, I dealt with nasty clothes (yay for the drying rack in my wet bathroom) and went out for dinner at a colleague’s house, where I tutored her son in math. She gave me some medicine, and when I came home I tried to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep. I shivered in my bed till about 6am…woke up at about 16:30 to a phone call from the school – there was a man in my building holding another teacher’s wife (they live in the same building) at knife point earlier in the day. It had been dealt with now, but was I ok? Yes, I sleep through anything, I didn’t hear any signs of a fight, a scuffle, no police, no mad husband rushing up stairs to save wife – nothing.

Woke up later at 19:30, plonked self in front of computer to try and get work done, got cyber-scolded by a caring friend who was appalled that I hadn’t eaten, hadn’t taken medicine and was using toilet paper as tissue. Made food, felt better, thanked friend, got very little work done because of my head hurting, went back to bed.

Saturday, I missed my alarm so I missed the swim lesson I was supposed to give…but I apologized and all’s good. Between yesterday and today, nothing too exciting has happened…just chilling in my house, meeting a few friends to try and get me out of the house and listened to some awesome messages from Exodus3.