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So this week has been highly interesting…

On Monday I caught some students pushing each other around and yelling at each other in Swedish in the halls…turns out they were writing and erasing each other’s names on the walls. One of the students was so nice as to say sorry, he understood why he had a warning and proceeded to erase what he had written. The other started yelling and protesting in Swedish…whatever he was saying was evidently terrible as the Swedish teacher came out and yelled at him, he ran away and she stalked after him….

On Tuesday we had the fire alarm go off, because a student had set a fire of some sort (or triggered the alarm in some way) in one of the hallways…Apparently the drain for one of the bathrooms was also blocked and the tap left running, thankfully a teacher caught it in time…

Wednesday, I was introduced to the “wanking muscle” …yes apparently that is what some boys call it…and when I was, I think understandably, shocked and repeated “the wanking muscle????” he took it as me not understanding…and thought a mimed demonstration was necessary….

Thursday I forgot my whiteboard markers for one class, and so went to go get one. When I came back one of the kids had found about 20 whiteboard markers and dumped them on my desk. He was *so* proud of himself too and smiled and said “look! Now you have all the colours!” So that was cute =) Unfortunately, as expected, not all the markers worked very well so when I found one that worked I exclaimed “oh! I like this one” …to which mr. wanking muscle from the day before exclaimed “OH! (my name) is turned on”  ….He was sent out of the room and told that since I didn’t want to have that discussion with him, his mentor (a male teacher who is in the same department as I am) would be talking with him later. I recommended that he find his mentor before I did – he didn’t.

I also, in a later class, gave out 5 detentions – to my class of 8 students. They had to write a math competition and kept talking, finally I had to tell them that if they weren’t quiet, I was going to give them detention…5 of them weren’t quiet =P

And yesterday some of the kids refused to say Good Morning to me (which is part of the school rules when we start a class, I say good morning to them, and they say good morning back, I also thank them at the end of a lesson, and they thank me back….) After a few times of them refusing to say Good Morning (each time meant they had to leave the class, line up alphabetically again and re-enter…), I called them in one by one, starting with the ring leader who thought he was really going to get it, and said Good Morning to each of them one by one…3 of them refused to say it back, so they got detention and were told that when they were ready to greet me they could return to class, but otherwise, they could wait outside in the hall.

So yes, a very exciting week at school =)