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SO…last week was awesome =) I got to help run the grade 9 swim tests (200m on their front, 50m on their back…and when they say “on their front” and “on their back” that truly is the only requirement…)

Some of the kids were terrible – and just…vertical. It was truly amazing to see them complete the 10 lengths in a vertical position…

In other news, I went to Goteberg again for the House, which was pretty awesome. Sadly, I had a headache for most of it (they have some crazy loud music) but it was still good. Someone there prayed for me and my headache went away, which was also awesome =) AND! One of the few times that has worked…usually when people pray for my headaches to go away they get worse…

AND! IF you know me relatively well this will be amazing =P if not, you’ll just think I’m crazy, but! I ate a sandwich(!) today, with (melted) cheese (!) and some sort of cold cut (!) AND! mayonnaise(!)…ok I had no idea there was mayo on it, but still =P My mom is probably just staring at the screen wondering if this is even possible =)