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So the term has ended! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

It was a crazy last week though!

I had a parent come to visit one of my gr. 8 classes. She had talked to me and another teacher previously, and was convinced that we were moving too fast for her daughter and was saying that it was unreasonable that they had to spend hours on math everyday. (…Meanwhile, everywhere else in the world, the norm is to have homework everyday, instead of once a week…but w/e). So the other teacher and I decided since it was also the last lesson, we would do some review instead of something new. We thought we would go through the four operations in about 15 minutes or less, and then move on to some review of fractions and percentages since our next unit deals with proportions…

Well that didn’t happen. We spent an HOUR teaching gr.8 students how to add and subtract with more than one digit, and with decimals. Absolutely ridiculous! On the plus side, the mother was 1. appalled at the level of math her daughter displayed and also had to realize that maybe her daughter struggling in math really had nothing to do with how we were teaching algebra, but more that her daughter can subtract 2.4-1.45 without an IMMENSE amount of thought, and that even then, couldn’t necessarily get it right….. 2. she realized that attitude of her daughter was smack-worthy. Haha she mentioned that she would just smack all the girls in the class if she was the teacher, something that me and the other teacher were like “yes…but we’re not allowed to…” haha so that went well =)

Tuesday and Wednesday were Student Choice, so all the teachers run different activities and the students pick what they want to do for the two days. I did a geometry one, but after 5 hours of geometry (or the first day) my gr. 9s were tired, and their brains were dead, so they wanted to do counting instead the next day. My grade 7s just played with K’Nex (what we used to build some shapes, and to demonstrate some triangle congruency stuff). So the next day we did a counting lesson from Waterloo’s awesome Math Circles and then we watched 21 – you know, counting cards, probability, all that fun stuff =)

Thursday was an assembly + regular class. We watched some of Agora in one my classes which is about Hypatia, a Greek mathematician, and the first recorded woman to make a substantial contribution to mathematics…word of advice: do NOT show that movie in class =P At one point, one of her students gives her a gift, declaring his love for her, at a public event. She responds by giving him a gift the next day in class – a white handkerchief with “the blood of her cycle.” Yeah…it was a *splendid* moment.

Friday was the end of term ceremony. Pretty much just an hour and a half long assembly, students sang and stuff, principal did a speech, and then we handed out report cards and that was the end of the students’ day. Teachers went back to the school to have a lunch (yummy!) and we got Christmas gifts from the managements which were these invisible friends dolls – basically they give them to children around the world who need to know that someone out there knows they exist. For example, girls who have been trafficked, children in prison (some who are just really young and were born there), children with HIV, those in orphanages etc. It was interesting.

AND! I got my first presents as a REAL teacher from my students – a lot of chocolate =P haha and a plant.

And so voila! My first term as a teacher is done! =) Woo hoo!