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Well the last week has been interesting. I “stole” a meal from a local pub, where one of our semi-permanent, semi-supply teachers works…I walked out and forgot to pay, but! I did go back the next day to pay, and he was working >.< Definitely got a few remarks the next day, especially since I stole his mug for a week, but it was all good. =D

We also had a class 2/3 blizzard last Wednesday which was interesting. Trains and buses were cancelled, and so students had their cell phones out and were calling their parents in the halls, running in and out of classes to try and contact parents. (We have a super-strict no cell phone policy in the school – as in the first time a teacher takes it away and hands it in to the office you go get it at the end of the day, each subsequent time you have to get your parents to pick it up for you…when they choose to, for some of our students who live an hour or so away, this can mean not having your phone for a bit longer than the day…).

AND! I got my parents’ Christmas gift, which was awesome =) A black skirt, pretty blue and red dress and a set of pearl earrings =) Yay =)

I’m also sick, which kinda sucks. Truthfully, I’ve been fighting it off for a while. Last weekend I slept for 16 hour from Friday to Saturday, and I did it again this past weekend. I had a slight (very slight) fever that started Friday, and didn’t go away until about noon today, as well as migraine that started Friday and was on and off the entire weekend, and today. Seriously, parents should not send their sick kids to school, it gets other kids sicks, and teachers sick, and then! students, parents AND other teachers complain about sick teacher and yuck. But all in all, I will be ok. I walked to the doctor’s today because here you have to call some number, and then they book a time for a nurse to call you back, but since the whole thing is in Swedish and I didn’t understand it, I just walked there and the lady helped me. SO apparently a nurse will be calling me in an hour or so to book a doctor’s appointment with me.

We had our staff dinner on Friday, and that was alright. It was, apparently, a very traditional Swedish Julbord (Christmas table) and my dad would definitely have hated it! There was TONS of fish…raw fish, smoked fish, fried fish, pickled fish…haha but! There was a lot of ham too….Half the table was fish, and the other half was ham….and then there was a tiny table of “warm” food. Meatballs, some sausage thing, some potato dish with cheese and anchovies and cabbage. My favourite was the cabbage…which I later found out was the traditional poor people food…oh well! I like my veggies! For dessert they had a candy buffet and cakes and stuff, but I just went to the main buffet table and took all the orange slice garnishes off the dishes…My mother has raised me well =P

What else…ummm oh! my friend convinced me to go play basketball on Saturday, with a fever…but! I did sweat the fever out =) It was fun, but all the running while sick made me feel slightly nauseous and slightly dizzy…which was not so fun. I tutored one of the Spanish teacher’s grandsons in math on Sunday which was pretty fun.

AND NOW! I’m at home sick. Which truthfully isn’t that bad, I slept most of today, and will be sleeping, hopefully, most of tomorrow. =) Which will be enough to get rid of the migraine and voila! I’ll be back to work on Wednesday.