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Wow, the last two weeks have been interesting.

In terms of school, we gave the grade 8s an assessment, and my classes all freaked out (it’s what happens I suppose when you teach the lower ability set). In any case, in my first class I took 2 tests away because they kids kept speaking Swedish. In my other 2 classes, things went well, they were a bit confused, but it was alright. One of my students who is ranked pretty high nationally told me he had a huge track meet coming up and so hadn’t studied, so he would re-test instead. A few others just gave me a piece of paper with their name on it. The best class was my last one. One girl breaks into tears before even reading the questions, another starts yelling and throwing a tantrum (screaming “you never taught us this before!” … ‘have you read the question?” “NO! but you didn’t!!!!!” “…read the test over and try what you can…”). Another starts making noises and finally I have to ask her to leave the room, when she returns she sits there and refuses to even write her name on a paper.  *fun times* They went to their mentor crying after…and I went in a panic to another teacher, who kindly calmed me down, and then called the main one’s mother. I say the “main one” because she’s the one who will get the class all riled up and angry and whatnot.  She’s had issues with 4 out of the 6 math teachers in less than a year and a half. Wonderful. Her attitude is…interesting. One of the other math teachers told me if she was in his class (which is large enough that he could actually do this without losing 1/2 his class…) he would send them all out and tell them to return the next day with some manners. If I did that, I would have less than half my class left…

My grade sevens are super smart! Well some of them =) I have them doing proofs that I did in grade 10 =) On the other hand, some of them don’t understand what parallel lines are…Which is saddening…. But they do make me laugh =) One keeps sagging his pants and wearing funny boxers, and really short t-shirts. I’m always telling him to pull up his pants…especially since he’s always moving to try and sneak a chat with his friend….does not help when I see a flash of hot pink boxers out of the corner of my eye…

In non-work related news…I started working out with my friend’s football team. It’s just the conditioning workout, so yeah. I’ve done 2 practices now, they only hold conditioning practices once a week. I died the first practice and couldn’t move properly for a week, recovered just in time to do the second practice today, but I cheated and skipped about 130 situps. =D BUT! I told the coach after and I don’t think he cares much since I’m not on the team =)

AAAAAAAND! yeah =) gang activity is down =) The muffin tray I’m using is a pain in the butt…and yeah, thats about it =) my apartment is REALLY cold, and sometimes we don’t have hot water =S…yeah =) that’t it =D