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So Open House went well (thanks to everyone who prayed!). I had a lovely lesson on angles, which was mainly review, and then had the class do a ton of classwork (kids and parents like seatwork here…it’s a bit weird for me…) at which point a bunch of parents left. One parent asked if my classroom was this loud, and I promptly replied that no it wasn’t, but some of the parents had taken some of the students’ spots, and so when they came in late after giving the choir performance, they had to sit somewhere else. Usually, I had said kids separated. She was super pleased and said she understood. Meanwhile, I was going crazy inside as usually my class is much louder…

On Tuesday my class was terrible. So incredibly terrible that a student asked me to call in the disciplinary officer (which was a great idea and I thanked him for it later). They were muttering to each other in Swedish and Arabic, and then yelling out that so-and-so had called me this or called me that, and then of course the accused would yell back that no they hadn’t. In the midst of this a kid I was helping starts talking about gang bangs (he got told to stay after class), while another decides to chuck erasers at his friend. Later, while helping another kid a student yells out that someone had punched him. (He was fine, no marks, no tears, nothing – I think his pride was injured more than he was physically). When I asked who, he refused to tell me. Finally the kid who asked that the disciplinary officer get called decides he wants to move, and decides to move himself across the room to work quietly, at which point the others start messing with him, and he asks that the disciplinary officer be called. This is the problem with teaching a class of 6 boys…sometimes, if they decide they aren’t working, they just aren’t going to be working…Thankfully the disciplinary officer came in, asked me for a quick summary which I gave him, he yelled at them, asking them what was going on and how on earth I was supposed to teach them if they weren’t going to be paying attention, or if they wouldn’t tell me what was going on etc etc etc and then threatened them with a 2 hour detention with him if he heard about any more problems. They were little angels after that…and we are coming up with strategies to help me. (We being me, the disciplinary officer, and the teacher trainer teacher).

I was talking to another teacher about it though later and she said that a new game that is going around is for the boys to punch each other as hard as they can when the teacher isn’t looking and to see who can be the “manliest” and not give in by making a sound or w/e. I guess this particular student wasn’t in on the game…

Other than that my teaching has been alright. I’m trying to teach my kids to question things in math, and so I had them try to prove something that wasn’t true. ONE of the kids told me, “BUT MISS THAT DOESN’T WORK!” and so I told him to prove it, but the others were all “of course it works, you said so!” So we’ll see how this goes next lesson when I tell them I lied =P

In non-teaching, but work related news. There is quite the drama going on right now with my co-mentor. It’s kinda interesting, but hard to be around and not get too involved. And obviously, I can’t not be around it as she is my co-mentor. She is super nice too, and I really feel for her and her situation.