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So on Saturday, pretty late at night/early Sunday morning, I heard a commotion outside my door and did the smart thing – and stayed inside, away from the door. Considering the exploding noises and huge bangs, this seemed like the best idea.

Today, I found out what the commotion was all about. Another teacher lives in the building, on the other side – where all the fun happens. He was telling me about how he had been emailing the landlord because their side has been having with a bunch of homeless guys who camp out in the hallways or in the attic (which is good to know, because I was going to email the landlord about potential mice and scratching I hear from up there…). Well, as it turns out, these guys are actually friends of some ex-tenants who had given them the building code, and these ex-tenants are currently in prison, due to drug trafficking he thinks. So on Saturday night, his dog was going *crazy* and so he got up, and went to look out the peephole, only to see a bunch of police, and an arrest being made. Since the attics are connected, I’m guessing that what I heard on my end was the police getting prepared in case they tried to run down my set of stairs. Anyways, one of the guys got away, so he was telling me not to speak to anyone I see in the halls that I don’t know (not that I do to begin with…).

So our Landlord has been aware of this problem and has been in the process of updating the security on the building. In the past few months, I have gotten a new set of keys for the storage unit I didn’t know I had in the attic, and today I was locked out of the building as he had replaced the keycode thingy with a swipe chip thingy, only I didn’t have mine yet as they were in my apartment, having been delivered earlier that day while I was at work. Thankfully, the other teacher was home (his wife stays home, so he was able to get in when he got back earlier than me) and his name showed up on the dial pad as someone I could ring. So I rang him and his wife came to let me in.

Oh. and I found out that the Open House night is for the whole city and neighbouring cities – it’s a full scale marketing event. Yeah, my stress level may have just sky rocketed.

But voila! a fun-filled and interesting Monday =D