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The ballet was extremely boring…and really confusing! I was SUPER confused before I fell asleep, and even more confused when I woke up…

Sooooo never going to the ballet again – unless it’s someone’s recital or something like that….

School starts again tomorrow. Am kinda excited as this week is the European Math Challenge. So that’s kinda cool. We’re having Open House on Wednesday though, and that is a little stressful. Instead of a regular day, we hold school in the evening and parents come and watch their kids in classes (or a class or two…). So I have to plan an amazing lesson, and my HOD (Head of Department) said to just do review as those are the easiest to plan “fun” lessons for…but we start new unit tomorrow, and then the European Math Challenge…so I guess they will be reviewing the last two units//having some challenging questions with them…I dunno. We’ll see.

AND! I’m going to Goteberg again this weekend (I know…again) for their 12/12 event =) Which is a 12 hour worship event, hosted by The House. SO that should be fun =)