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Sorry for ignoring this for the past bit – been a little busy with paperwork =S

Short update: had student-parent-teacher interviews, went to Goteberg, am now in Stockholm, and I have an awesome new co-mentor from Spain.

Long Update:
Anyways, this past Monday and Tuesday (or, last Monday and Tuesday, I’m on a break this week =D) we had Development Talks, which pretty much are student-parent-teacher conferences. It was fun, but draining. Being nice to so many parents can be tiring – expecially when they say the oddest things at times. But they were all extremely nice, thankfully. AND no one was too upset, or too surprised, except for one parent who was upset that her daughter had failed the last Math Assessment and thought her daughter deserved a higher grade. When I explained how the system worked though, and that her daugher was at a C in everything except for one thing, and so had failed the whole assessment based on the new curriculum, she calmed down and seemed to be ok with it. I also had a parent tell me that their child wasn’t good in math because they were a “philosopher.” …At the age of 12 your child is a philospher and this is why you think it’s ok for him to fail fractions?! (which he actually did pretty well on, so I’m not sure why the parents was complaining…)

Then I had a few hard days teaching. One of my girls has completely turned on me, and I’m not sure why. She just sits and makes noises…and I’d be ok-ish if she sat quietly and didn’t bother others, but she insists on creating these weird noises – on Friday she sat and made turkey noises out the window. I’ve talked to her mentors, and apparently she’s ok in other classes – so hopefully after the break she’ll be ok…BEFORE she loved me and apparently defended me at Student Council (so she told me) so I’m not sure what’s going on…

Some of my students have started chasing me down for math help at all possible times – even coming to find me on their 10minute break between classes. Considering I’m always in different classrooms, this means they’ve kinda memorized my schedule, or are always going to go check it since it’s up on the bulletin board. Kinda weird, but at least they can factor quadratics! One of the boys was the only one in his class who could do it on the quiz we had Friday. =)

Other than that, I went back to Goteberg over the weekend to spend time with The House, a church that closely follows IHOP and what not. It was great. Had a great time with a bunch of girls there =) (I stayed with them, so it was pretty awesome! Interesting note: I never knew that girls ACTUALLY ate whole tubs of ice cream…in one go…just because they liked ice cream…it was interesting)

AND! Now I’m in Stockholm with my OTHER friend =) It’s pretty awesome. We’re going to see a ballet tomorrow (Sleeping Beauty but focussing on Malificent’s POV) – yeah we’ll see how that goes…and APPARENTLY we have to dress up =S at least I have a nice dress from my aunt in Singapore =)

AND! I have a new co-mentor. She’s awesome. She’s 25 and from Spain and SO Much better than the last one I had =) I had her and 2 other coworkers over last night and we had a great night =) I also baked a brethen cider pie -and found out that “sprinkle nutmeg” is not the same as “cover with nutmeg” as nutmeg burns…but the pie tasted good (to them, I didn’t like it…)

AND! that’s a chaotic update on life here in Sweden =)