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Well this week was definitely interesting. Quick summary = explosion, crying kids and nearly killing myself.

SATURDAY (last weekend) there was some sort of EXPLOSION! AND! only one, followed by complete silence. No cars driving away, no feet hitting the pavement, nothing. Complete and utter silence. Talked to one of the other teachers about it on Monday and they were like “yeah the explosion? I was wondering about that too…”

Monday was fine, wonderful, gave a kid breakfast, he was awesome, yay. Found a kid crying, we had a talk, made a plan of action to deal with the bullying, great.

Tuesday, I made a kid cry (not my fault, she didn’t understand what we were doing, didn’t want my help, didn’t want her friend’s help, and so decided to cry into the wall). Another teacher talked to her for me, and said she was just hormonal, and her mentor teacher just said she cries all the time and not to worry about it. Then I had the same kid from Monday come to me crying about something, got a teacher to translate her tears + swedish babbles and figured out she’s being bullied outside of school as well, arranged for someone higher up to take care of that, had a talk with her on how best to deal with it in the meantime. Then I almost killed my last class which was my 6th class for the day (seriously, I got them to write reflections about their behaviour, issued 2 warnings, and kept 1/2 the class after to have a talk with them…).  One of the other teachers could hear me and was like “you’re so funny when you’re angry”  =P great….

Apparently how I look when I’m angry…

BUT! During this class, another teacher came to talk about the France trip (which please pray that I will get to go, it just needs to clear the budget and be approved by admin), and one of my kids looks at me and says “Miss are you going?” “…I don’t know yet” “oh miss, I’m only going if you’re going…” which led to *well that’s awkward* moment in the middle of class…Thankfully he’s pretty quiet, so I just laughed and said “that’s a terrible way to make a decision” and walked to help another kid.

OH! and one of my students came to me and wonderfully apologized for his inappropriate wet dream-hit by bus-piss myself laughing joke that he wrote on a test. It was awkward for both of us…I was quite happy I passed that one on to the disciplinary officer teacher person (no idea what his official title is).

Wednesday was alright. Nothing too exciting happening in school. Had a kid come to me, asking me to set up a time for him to have extra help, we decided on Thursday after the half day (so just after his lunch). I did go to that kid’s grandma’s house though, the lady from the church. Turns out she’s teochew like my mother dear, and she was telling me her life story in mandarin (or trying to…and I was trying to understand, she’s had a hard life though =( it was sad)

Thursday I didn’t wake up in time, was 5 minutes late for a department meeting, thankfully my department head was awesome and let it slide. I then was running around like a headless chicken trying to get breakfast in between the department meeting and my first class. Then after the half day, I had the kid from Wednesday come to me and tell me that he wasn’t going to come for extra help because he had to go into town with his friends, and could I please help him Monday instead. When I asked what if I had friends that I wanted to go into town with on Monday, he looked at me and said “yeah right miss” We decided that if he came on Monday during my frame time, I would help him. He also asked me how short I was…I seem to have that conversation a lot with my students… “Miss how long are you?” “no…it’s how TALL are you?” “…no miss, it’s how SHORT are YOU?!”  BUT! I did get all my reports done, so that was nice.

and today, FRIDAY! I almost killed myself in class. SINCE I’m really short, I have to jump to pull down the projector screen, and I was showing my class this music video on exponents. So UP! I jump, and I pull down the screen, turn to my laptop as I say “So now, we’re going to watch this…” and I hear *CRASH* I whip around, and see that the projector screen has been pulled completely off the wall, the silver brackets are out, we can see the screws, and the whole thing is balancing precariously on the lights above the whiteboard, which are uneven, and look like they might fall too. Needless to say, my class of 4 students (that’s right, 4!) burst out into laughter (as did I) and we kinda stared at it for a while, as my students commented on my epic failure, and how they wanted to take pictures so they could show their friends why math class was so awesome…After, I sent one of my kids to get the caretaker. When they return, he stood there stunned for a bit before bursting out into quiet chuckles and going to get his stuff. He returned, whipped out his phone, took a picture and sent it to our IT guy (the projector screen and the potential wiring for the speakers, which was fine,  falling under his domain). He asked one of my students to stay back to help him (he only speaks Swedish, and I guess asking the person responsible for the whole mess to help him was probably not a good idea in his mind…) and so one of my students did, and I dismissed my class 5 minutes early. I was so embarrassed and was like really hoping that it could be fixed quickly (I knew it could be fixed…but I had a class in half an hour in the same room…and a class an hour after that one as well). The caretaker kept looking at me, chuckling and then saying “it’s ok, I can fix it.” WHICH was really nice of him =) AND! he did fix it. But now, every time he sees me in the halls, he starts chuckling and says “it’s ok! it’s ok!” He also told me to get a lanyard to attach to the bottom of the screen so I don’t have to jump anymore…

SOOOOO sorry for the LOOOOOOOONG post, but hopefully the last story made you laugh hilariously and made it all worth it =)