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So today was a very scatterbrained day…I was all over the place and very muchly forgetting things…I almost forgot to give my class their homework for the week! Although, they probably would really have liked that =P

I also had the lady who interviewed me, who is SUPER nice, come in and observe my lessons. She is in charge of teacher training, so she comes in and tells me what I’m doing well, and what I can improve on =) It was fun. I like having her there and I like having someone other than my students critique me. Students, when they critique you, tend to just say “Oh you’re a good teacher because you explain well” and then the next day, with a different concept “oh you’re a terrible teacher, I don’t understand!” But with another teacher, they can say “this part HERE, that’s good, this part HERE, that should change” and I like that. =)

Although…today I had to tell a girl that it was inappropriate to pull her shirt up to show people her tummy…in class…while I’m teaching. “Why Miss??? It’s just my tummy!!!!”  “…I’m wearing leggings and a tank top under my dress…and it would be inappropriate for me to pull up my dress and show you my tank top right?” “uh…well yeah!” “…yet if I did that I wouldn’t be showing any skin…and you’re showing off your tummy?” “oh…right miss”

sometimes I wonder if they go home and see what amazingly funny and awkward things they can plan to do in class instead of doing their homework…