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Today I had a conversation with a few kids I always see at the pool (the swim competitively) about why I didn’t want to play water polo with them (they play every Monday and Thursday at 9:00 and have asked me, and even talked to their coach for me, to play with them) …which eventually led to:

Them: “but Mr. ____ plays football with us!!! American football, and you tackle each other…that’s not TOOOOO different from waterpolo!”

Me: “…but you’re not in a swim suit during football…do you know what happens during water polo?? Because I know what happens during water polo”

and THEN! one of the boys goes: “OH! don’t worry miss, we’ll be careful, I already accidentally pulled the bra (he means top part of the swim suit, a result of them being ELL) off my trainer, and now she wears two! sooooo you can wear two!”

Me: “…that’s really how you’re going to convince me to play water polo with you?!….”

Them: “oh….right…well are you SCARED of us?!”

Me: “nope, but I’m not going to play with you guys.”

and then I changed the subject and asked them about some Finnish girls one of the guys met at a swim meet last weekend.

Kid will also compliment you to get out of trouble, and then be oh-so-sad that it doesn’t work. As in:

Me: “__________, you know better! You have to be quiet in the halls!’

Him:  “oh…Miss _______, you’re beautiful”

Me: “uhh…thanks? You still have to be quiet in the halls!”

Him: “Really?! Oh…..ok.”

AND! I am officially the best teacher in some kid’s eyes because *drum roll* I opened the gate. They wanted to leave because it was the end of their school day, but the main gate is locked, and they didn’t want to walk all the way around!.