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So we had an assessment on Friday (that’s just their word for a test) and I was really excited by how well most of my kids did. I had a few who didn’t pass =( but except for one, I was expecting them to have quite a bit of trouble as they were rarely in class, and didn’t come see me for extra help, despite me telling them to come over and over again to surgery. (Surgery is planned extra help – it’s pretty much like office hours in university, and every teacher is required to have one hour a week of Surgery).

but ONE of my kids got PEEEERFECT (well almost…perfect on everything he could have possibly done =P). The way assessments work here is that its split up into categories (ie, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions, changing decimals and percentages into fractions etc) and the questions are put into “E, C and A” categories (yeah, their grades go A, B, C, D, E and F) and you need to meet ALL the E criteria to get an E, all the C criteria to get a C and etc. IF you’re somewhere in between, like you got ALL the Es, and some of the Cs, than you get a D.

So anyways, because I teach the lowest stream, we covered everything except recurring decimals and how to turn them into fractions. SO one of my kids got perfect on everything except that part, which he didn’t do, because he hadn’t been taught. To be fair, he was running out of time, so I don’t think even if he had been taught that he would have had time to finish. But anyways, that was exciting =)

AND THEN! YI came in from Stockholm. And that was awesome. She came in on Friday and we went to a restaurant (she had a steak =P, she LOVES her meat…) and then kinda just hung out before heading to bed. Saturday was spent walking around, having AMERICAN pizza (yay!) and then me having the best soy chai latte in Sweden, and she got a Snickers drink (which is pretty much just a caramel mocha).  We walked around some more, ate some pears off a pear tree (<3) and saw some ducks. Which reminded me of a day I spent with a friend before I left around Main Street Unionville. We also ate pizza, and then had coffee, and then walked around and saw ducks. The parallelisms were amusing – in my head at least. AAAAAAND then she left =)