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So I went to Goteborg again this weekend and went to the House church and it was amazing! They had an event and it was pretty much just a 10 hour worship event =)

AND! everyone is really nice there…and around my age =) which is nice considering most of the people in the church here is like oooooold…like in wheel chairs and using canes old…

But Goteborg was awesome =) The people were amazingly nice, and everyone was So sweet. AND! there was this 14 yr old boy who made it his mission to teach me swedish! As a result, I said my first whole sentence in Swedish – “He has no pants” =P We were talking about a little girl’s Ken doll =P Anyways, please pray for this boy, his dad has left the family, and he really misses him. He was telling me how happy he was when his dad texted him once, only to be disappointed that he just wanted his mother’s number, and didn’t even ask him how he was.

AAAAAAAND! another guy (who is married so all you overflow people just hold your horses!) told me I was pretty and that if I wanted he could hook me up with someone, which made me laugh =) He’s also the guy who got me there and arranged for someone in the church to take me in for the weekend and everything! The family I was staying with was amazing, their kids are hilarious (PS! the word for @ in Swedish sounds like “snob-a-loa” …which their 8 yr old thought was HILARIOUS every time I tried to say it…) and they had this 19 yr old girl stay with them for the weekend so I would have company =)

But yes. It is amazing how at home you can feel with people you don’t know, just because God is there =)