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So a bunch of us went to Goteborg (the o has some mickey mouse ears attached to them =P)  for the weekend and it was pretty fun =) Stayed in a decent hostel, walked around the city, went to an amusement park, saw a fort =) It was fun!

One of the new teachers thought I was really sad and/or miserable the whole time…’cause I wasn’t smiling =P so he kept on checking up on me. It was an excellent weekend, and a much needed break after the stress of last week.

Today was a good day too =) One of my kids said, very proudly as I handed him his homework back, that this was the first time since 4th grade that he has been able to complete his math homework. They’re a nice class and they work well. Also ran into some of my students at lunch who were asking for extra help – kinda sucks that they didn’t get it in class, but at least they are asking for help. Yay =)

I swam today as well, and was greeted by three male students who were like “Oh, hi Miss ______!” The best moment is when you’re kicking in to the wall and they’re kinda just waiting for practice to start and then *BAM!* there’s a flash of recognition on one kid’s face…and he kinda nudges the next, and then, as you’re coming back from the 50, they’re now both kinda staring at you…but trying not to…very awkward. I’m guessing it’s just as awkward for them. =P So! I left to the “fun” pool (they have a water slide, and it’s more play oriented, with the occasional wave pool waves going through it) to do my squats, push ups, and dips, before moving back to do a last 50 for cool down.

Also managed to find out that there are pretty much no postcards where I am, so I will be making post cards =) So now everybody’s mail will be delayed =( SORRY =(

I FORGOT!!! The HIGHLIGHT of the weekend was definitely getting STARBUCKS!!! =) one of THREE in ALL OF SWEDEN! =D ok. now I’m done =)