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So last week was pretty awesome. I found out how ridiculously short I am when another teacher came to look for me, and the class stood up, and then she couldn’t find me…”is miss ___ here?” My classes ended well, that professor guy got back to me and said he really was interested in helping me with resources and potential research. My classes have went reasonably well, and my kids seemed mildly interested in math.

The weekend was great. I went to Stockholm to see my friend =) That was fun. We didn’t do much, just kinda hung around and chilled out =)

This week however, has not been so great in class. While some of my kids are alright, some of them completely derailed at the thought of “just see if you understand when I do it, you’re not going to have to do it yet, so it’s ok if you don’t know how yet because we’re going to practice later…” That and the news about my co-mentor has caused for a bit of stress, although to be honest, not much has changed. I started the year without him helping me, and now it’s just official that he won’t be able to because of his illness.

It’s also back to school night, meet the parents, and school photos.  Well school photos for my class were today. And my kids were not all that well-behaved when they were supposed to be waiting quietly…because seriously what 7th grade class do you know can sit quietly in alphabetical order for an hour? Immediately following this we had math class in which one kid kept trying to convince me we didn’t, and I had to FINALLY show him HIS OWN schedule and the time…ridiculous! He has a terrible attitude in general though, not just for math and just likes to create trouble. In math class he just sits there, and when I go to talk to him he doesn’t want my help, nor does he want to try.

After this 7th grade math class, I had an 8th grade math class which is a lot of fun. It’s a small class and the kids are a bit louder and participate. Makes classroom management a bit more challenging, but definitely makes the class more interesting as well. They were going nuts, and so finally I just stood there, closed my eyes and counted to calm myself down, and wait for them to be quiet. Counted to 10 to calm myself down, and 50 for them to be quiet…At least one of the kids was significantly better in class today. I called his parents, and told them and they were like “yeah, so he was good…and? what happened?” and I said “…Nothing, I just wanted to tell you he was doing well today” and they seemed so surprised!

At least the rest of the week should be a bit easier since I only have one parent to meet tomorrow, and then life will resume a bit of normalcy. Well that and a bunch of us are going to take a weekend trip to another part of Sweden this weekend. That should be exciting.