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So, I’ve been teaching a little (and *real* lessons, not the intro stuff) and at the end of one of my lessons, this student came up to me and said “Miss, did I do well today?” and he had done extremely well, translating stuff to Swedish for me, participating in my class, all that fun stuff, and so I said “yes _____, you did” to which he immediately responded “oh good! can you tell Ms ___________________ that I did really well? She needs to know!” (Ms ________ would be our principal).

Obviously, this kid sees the principal a little too often, and obviously not for the *best* reasons.

But he’s really sweet, and funny – just really hyper and easily distracted. Hopefully,  he doesn’t start acting out and this excellent behaviour continues. I’ve already heard some rumours floating around concerning him and his group of friends.

So I told our principal, and I told his parents. I’m hoping his parents will be happy that someone from the school is contacting them for good reasons – since I’m pretty sure they’ve already been contacted for some dubious reasons. I’ve seen their group getting a stern speaking to by some teachers in the hall…

On a side note, I had a kid’s mother and uncle come visit me. It was interesting. Thankfully they *loved* me and the uncle who is a professor gave me his business card and said that “maybe in a few years I’ll email you about a research project” because I’m an awesome teacher =P

I also am very worried about a certain student in my class who hasn’t seen decimals, and doesn’t know what multiplication means as in “whats a dot doing between the numbers?” and “whats the X doing there?” I checked out their score from the national test last year, and they didn’t do so hot so hopefully we can come up with some academic plan for her =)