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Well it has been a hectic week. With new students coming, students changing classes, and some not even showing up, it’s been difficult to keep track of everyone at times. Add to that that the shared drives for the whole organization are constantly down, the printer/photocopier is usually down (because people keep playing with it instead of calling IT) – and the week was spent in a scramble.

Nevertheless, it was fun – although tiring. I got mistaken for a gr. 7 student, when another student asked me if I had a top locker or a bottom locker…I got locked into the school, one of my students started crying because she saw her ex for the first time after the summer…and my co-teacher is proving more stress than anything. However, a lot of other teachers have been extremely helpful, so that’s awesome =)

Let’s see…I teach 4 grade 8 math classes, and 2 grade 7s. I have a class of 8, 9, 4, 8 again (I think) for the grade 8 classes, and then for my grade 7s, 2 classes of 34. My grade 8 classes are so small because we split the classes into ability groups and I’m teaching the lowest group, however all the gr.8s have the exact same assessments, so it’s not easier…

And I have repeatedly forgotten to tell my students that they may have a seat (they have to stand until I give them permission to sit down) as well as repeatedly forgetting to thank them for today at which point they thank me for the lesson before I am allowed to dismiss them.

AND! I got paid =)