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So I went to Church today, apparently it’s pentecostal – which would have explained the speaking in tongues =P Someone just told me baptist to mess with me…or they didn’t know the english word =P

Anyways! today the youth pastor was speaking, and naturally I didn’t understand a thing, however he did talk about batman and spiderman =) And so I went to ask about english cell groups or anything like that, and eventually got redirected to him (and fun side note, met a woman from Congo in the process, and we spoke in French =P). So he came up to me and stuck out his hand and said “you won” (or that’s I thought he said…with a swedish accent) and then I said “uuhh…excuse me?” and he replied with “oh you speak english – my name is johann, or John in english”  oh. =P  And then we talked about english cell groups and he said the church used to have one, but doesn’t anymore he doesn’t think, but he’ll check and if anything there’s this guy Albert from Cameroon who runs one out of another church.

Anyway, he’s the youth pastor, in construction and teaches at a bible school, starting monday – because the students go off and do their internships before coming back to classes (5 weeks internships) and so tmrw is his first day teaching too.

AND! I met some of my maybe future students. They’re in Gr. 8, so I might have them for math, we’ll see =) AND! they were both taller than me…