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and we don’t have our schedules! haha Swedes seem pretty relaxed about such things, it’s kind of a “well if you get it before you have to teach, then you’re good” attitude…which is ok I guess.

Internet is kinda funny here. I got my personal number (yay) which is what I was told I would need to go get internet, only to find out that I don’t really know how to get internet, and from what I’ve heard certain buildings can be tied to certain companies, and certain companies can require proof of residency for 7 months…And naturally, I can’t really find out too much about my building (which would be the first step) without contacting the landlord – which I am going to do right after this =) So yay!

AND! I got a bank account…and there are currently some random, crazy guys yelling things in swedish at the McDonalds – WHICH REMINDS ME!

SO! the other night I was rudely awoken from my nap at 9 (yeah, I napped from 6-9 after work…) by some angry men yelling and the squealing of tires…which was then repeated along with some sirens around midnight. While talking to a colleague who lives in the building the next morning, I discovered that a SUV managed to drive onto a concrete thingy with grass while chasing down a guy. When it got stuck (after getting off the concrete thingy and narrowly missing a few pillars) 4 guys jumped out and chased this one other guy…at midnight, the SUV was back, speeding through our alleyway, which isn’t meant for cars, chasing the same man, almost clipped the side of the building, before getting stopped by a police car…at which point the SUV slinked away…

so yeah, anyways I got a bank account. School starts Monday and I have no idea really what’s going to happen, but the kids are only in school for a 2 hours =)

oh! and my head of department is amazing and decided that we needed to have our very important meeting at an ice cream shop =)

Now to contact the landlord!

1. Hell’s Angels are here
2. A few weeks ago there were some shootings because one gang apparently sold another gang icing sugar. In the words of one of the other teachers “we have some funny gangsters around here”