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So the last week has been interesting. I started work – and things are very different here than they are in Canada. Everyone is really nice (which is not different from Canada =P) and it’s been interesting trying to figure everything out, but no one seems to really know what’s going on…As in “plan the curriculum and how you’re going to teach everything for the year…but no, we’re not going to tell you what classes you’re teaching.”

Umm…let’s see…work started Wednesday, that was alright, just meeting people and stuff, and Thursday we started unpacking boxes and planning some math stuff, and we did the same on Friday. I have my own laptop, and each classroom has a projector and speakers, which is nice. I also have my own desk, which is weird, because I’m used to sharing with my lovely co-student teachers (which I guess I no longer am).

My department head has been here since the school started, and is also Canadian. He has been a huge help! And he had the whole department (which consists of 4 people) over for dinner on Friday. He has the cutest kid, and his house has pear, apple and plum trees! and he grows all kinds of berries – which apparently, in Sweden you can just pick if you see growing. In fact, you can stay anywhere in Sweden, just pop up a tent for 3 days before you have to move on, provided you’re not too close to someone else’s house. Which means if you’re a farmer, people could just stay in your fields for a few days before moving on…

Umm..SCHOOL! here I think is going to be really interesting for the first few days. We’ve had to line up, alphabetically, and no leaning against the lockers! before we’re allowed into a classroom, and the assistant principal greets each of us, by name, and shakes our hands. Once in the classroom, we all wait standing until he comes in and gives us permission to sit. …I can already see myself waiting in my classroom wondering why my class hasn’t arrived yet >.<

There was church today – I went to one church (my parents found it) but there was no one there…apparently even the churches are on vacation in Sweden! So I walked to another one, and it was all in Swedish – no idea what the message was about…We talked about Love, Zacchaeus, and then the Samaritan Woman…

But! There was this really nice lady called Sarah who comes from Uganda who kinda showed me around the church for a bit, and then there was this really nice old chinese lady who came to talk to me…in Mandarin. Which was very interesting…she asked me if I wanted something to eat, and I thought she meant after church with the rest of the congregation ’cause I thought they had snacks or something after (which they might, who knows?) but she meant at her house…so I ended up at her house…eating dumplings (yay!). But really really awkward…seeing as she spoke mandarin…and I didn’t.

Regardless, we managed to communicate-ish….she’s 71, has 2 sons, and 1 daughter. One of her sons is here, the other is in M’sia and the daughter is in San Fran. She is Vietnamese, and came over in 1979, and her children were 16, 8 and 4 at the time.

AND! I got a whole bunch of rhubarb – her friend gave her some, and she doesn’t eat it, and she showed me like 1 stalk…and then asked if I ate it, and I said yeah, ’cause I figured I could make a pie…and then she gave me a whole bag of them…so if anyone knows what to to do with Rhubarb, let me know =) via email =)

OH! and the admin office has a sign in swedish that reads “rektorsexpedition” and I definitely did not know that they meant administration….it was a good thing to learn =)

Again! Sorry for the chaoticness of the post – once I get internet at my place (which might be in a few weeks unless I cave and get one of those usb internet stick thingies, which I probably will once I find out where to get it).

IN THE MEANTIME: email me =) I don’t have fb at school, and I don’t check this there either =P