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That was the exclamation uttered by my Singaporean cousin when I figured out that my contract is only for one year (as most of you if you read my unimportant fb statuses probably know).

So yes, my contract is for one year. I found this out today when I went to go get my personal number, which tells the government that I exist. So that was a lovely revelation. I also found out that I only have 18hours a week of teaching time, the rest of my time is supposed to be doing various extra curricular things and prepping.

Anyway, some interesting things that have happened so far (I am still internet-less, and will be for the next month or so, which is saddening!), but I do have a pay-as-you-go phone until I get the phone from the school.

I have a swastika which has been carved into my door – the landlord has graciously agreed to take care of it, along with all the other concerns for the apartment, and has lowered my rent for the next month by the cost of the hotel for that one night + 1000kr for us having to clean it.

We went on a tour of Eskilstuna, and I found out why it’s called “Eskilstuna.” The tour guide explained excellently when she said: “this tuna, Eskilstuna, is different from all the other tunas, because of eskils.” When we all looked at her in disbelief she said “tuna isn’t a fish…it means town” and  then “oh and Eskils was a bishop, which lucky for us, was matryed by stoning…so now we’re famous.”

We also had fireworks the other day, which we could see from my apartment on Saturday, which was a nice surprise…OH! and I have a kitchen table! and chairs! and a mixer! and more than one plate and bowl…which may not sound like much, but my dad was all like “well there’s only one of you….” and needed a tad of convincing from my mom that maybe I would make friends, and have them over…at some point in time.

Let’s see, we were in Stockholm on Saturday, saw the pride parade (there were a LOT! of people, all in costumes and dancing…), Brazilian day, Justin Bieber fans…and cheap jeans! Which I didn’t buy, not having any money yet =P AND! they were all waaaay too long…and on Sunday we went to a bilingual church, that was cool =)

What else…umm…my dad lost his iphone at Ikea, which was returned to him =) so yay! umm…oh! I’m really really really short here…and I always need to use my stool to reach a bunch of stuff in my apartment…

Ummmmmmm….I can’t think of anything else right now…sorry that this is a really scatterbrained entry!!!!!