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Wow. So the flight here was interesting. We flew from Toronto to Frankfurt and that was great (yay for business class and upgrades since my dad flies so often =P) and then from Frankfurt to Stockholm it was pretty good, there were a bunch of crying kids, but that’s about it.

Then once we got to Stockholm, our luggage was super easy. We cleared customs in Frankfurt, and then once we got to Stockholm we didn’t have to clear anything! No one asked to see my passport or proof that I was employed…it seems SUPER easy for people to illegally immigrate…which presents a HUGE problem for human trafficking, but anyways! not the point right now =P

From Stockholm we drove to Eskilstuna – it was quite the eventful drive. For the first part, it was alright, and then! it started hailing and raining and lightening and just amazing! It was REALLY hard to see the cars in front of us (dad was driving since it was a standard car) and the hail looked like popcorn on our car! It was HUGE pieces of hail…and the lanes were tiny!

Interestingly enough, the speed limit on the highway changes based on the road and where I guess in the country you are…we went from 50 – 120 all along the same highway!

Once we got to Eskilstuna we got lost (my fault! Trying to follow directions is extremely hard when you can’t find the road signs when driving!) and so we asked this family for directions. That was fun! They were really nice and drove us there. =) Once we got to the school, we had to walk around to try and find the main door, and once we got there (by asking some kids playing ball), it was locked. Thankfully, my mom found an open window and by yelling in, we managed to attract the attention of someone inside who let us in.

Once in, we got our apartment keys and the stuff I shipped earlier and went to the apartment. The lady couldn’t find the apartment once we got to the building because the landlord had neglected to put my name up on the door, and once we found it and got in, the apartment was in a mess! It was really kinda gross, and so the lady took some pictures and is going to renegotiate some things with the landlord to see if we can lower the rent for a bit to make up for the disgusting-ness. But it’ll be fine once we clean it up =)

But! that means that we’re in a hotel right now, which is why I have internet =) Just for today though, tomorrow we’re moving back into the apartment which we will clean, and then I have to go downtown and apply for some number which means that I exist (yes!) which will take about 2 weeks to get through, approved etc, and from THERE! I can go get a bank account, apply for internet, and all those other things that you need to exist for =P

So after we got INTO the apartment, my dad and I had to carry all our luggage (thanks btw! to those who prayed that it would get through the airlines, it did! EVERYTHING was under 70lbs, and ranged from 50lbs to 62lbs =P)  up 5 flights of stairs…it was extremely tiring – especially considering we hadn’t slept or eaten in forever, and the elevator wasn’t working (it was one of those cage ones, and it was stuck between two floors).

Once we got everything up, we drove back to the school, where another teacher gave us a inflatable mattress (which we will be using tmrw) to use for a bit, and then a secretary lady took us to a store to get cleaning supplies – we got a LOT! of cleaning supplies, it came up to almost 1000 kronas…AND! tax was 25% – which almost killed me =P

AND NOW! We’re in the hotel, and getting showers (YAY!!!!) and then we’re going to eat (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Haven’t eaten anything in over 10 hours…)

AND! if you read all that congrats =)