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It’s been ridiculous.

I now have 3 suitcases, 1 duffel bag, and 1 carry-on sized luggage…it’s comical really…you know those old Enid Blyton books, the one about Mallory Towers and the other series about St. Clare’s, and how the girls while packing are always struggling to fit everything they have within the suitcases and thus have to get their friends or sisters to help them close their suitcases by sitting on them?

WELL! I had to sit on ALL of them…even the duffel bag I had to do this weird thing where I used my feet to push things together so I could zip everything up!

AND THEN! I had to reshuffle everything…I really hope we can check it all in w/o any penalties or extra fees =) PLEASE pray… AND for safe flights and the like as well =)

Thanks Guys ❤