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So…first of all, I realize that I didn’t say when I’m leaving on the previous post. I fly the 30th of July.

Other than packing, and the snowboard case, there are a bunch of things that I have to get done, so if anyone randomly is in need of things to do, feel free to help me out! =) I need to get my international driver’s licence, I need to start to learn Swedish, I need to call the embassy and figure out tax stuff…

I also need to order a bed for myself in Sweden, and have it delivered. I’d like to figure out a bit of how banks, and cell phones and internet work over there – but I’m really hoping that the school will set all that up (I’m working with someone at the school for housing).

BUT! An awesome thing is that I will get to “learn” how to drive standard while in Sweden with my dad =) So that should be pretty fun…and possibly scary for me, my dad and other drivers (I doubt my mom will get in the car).

oh! AND I should start to investigate the Swedish curriculum a little more…AND! I need to find an English-speaking church in the town I’m in – most of the one’s we’ve found (we because in reality my mom’s friends have found all of them and I just did a google search…)

OH!!! and I need to send my thing in to OCT before I leave…*sigh*

OTHER than that, friends are starting to enter “OH MY GOODNESS YOU’RE LEAVING!” mode and I often forget how hard it is for others when people move. Growing up moving around a bit (not a LOT, but enough) meant that moving was always expected, it became just another thing in the routine of things – like starting a new school year, transitioning from High school to university, etc. Just something that happens.